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Friday, December 16, 2011


Cloudy With No Chance of Sunshine

My Mind is Cloudy with Wishes for a New Day of Sunshine

I realize I’ve been a drag since Sunshine’s passing-sorry, it seems to be getting worse.

There are reasons for this continual “cloudy” mood:

1-Pepper still cries while he sleeps and slams into the walls and windows hoping to see her in the yard.

2-I’ve had several very large men that come in pairs, come to my door at night and knock on it while my husband works late. Two of the duos knocked on the door the way my brother-in-law would. This creeped me out. One didn’t leave the archway for almost 5 minutes. He just kept on knocking. I had phone in hand and was ready to phone 911 when I saw him leave.

(I phoned hubby at work and told him he could get the mail, as I no longer felt near as safe in our very suburban block about going out in the dark)

3-While using the 20 year old treadmill gets the “job” of exercise done-I really enjoyed my walks with Sunshine and my IPod Shuffle in the actual out of doors and miss it, a lot.

And last, this time of the year the little bit I watch TV seems to show those heart-wrenching commercials with the abused dogs asking if you could be an angel and as soon as I hear Sarah McLaughlin cue up the song, I’m a basket case of tears. In fact, I’m welling up now.

My favorite rescue center (those interested:, run by Dr. Matthew Wheaton and his wife Blythe, has been having a certain 1 year old lab/shepherd mix named Miley at the facility since August 29th. Her family turned her in because of hip/elbow dysplasia. She’s fine with pain meds, house-broken, loves kids and cats and other dogs.

Shame and a pox on that family I say.

Seems to me that she’s been waiting on us to just go get her. I keep mentioning this to my husband.

He’s seemingly deaf to this entire subject. He says it’s because we can’t afford another mouth right now. I know of one we could easily ditch.

Personally, I think it’s due to his witnessing the “letting go” of Sunshine. As I’ve mentioned before-the kids and I handled our darlings, Snowy and Lucky while he stayed behind with the day care. So he only knew what a mess we were when we came back.

His way of grieving (again as I see it) is to insist we shouldn’t adopt another pup.

So, instead of Sunshine-I’m feeling Cloudy with a huge chance of continued salty showers.

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