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Saturday, December 22, 2018


Bah Humbug!

I did want to wish everyone a very, very happy and healthy Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year's, but really I feel closer to "BAH, HUMBUG!"

For the last month I've been "enjoying" my allergies like I've NEVER enjoyed them before-way too disgusting to give the details, but let's just say Steve wants to buy stock in Kleenex and Puffs.  Plus, my GP said my nose is pretty ugly.

Out came my trusty humidifier, I bought a new jar of Vick's Vaporub and a new bottle of saline spray.  Even my front teeth hurt.

Thankfully, our holiday is over for the year and our belated Hanukkah dinner was a very nice evening.  Next event here is celebrating Steve's 62nd birthday.  Menu is already planned:

Ribeye roast  (Birthday boy's favorite main dish)
Yorkshire pudding (Cuz what's a rib roast without Yorkshire pudding?)
roasted veggies from the roast
probably a salad of some sort
Dutch Apple Pie (Steve has really never liked cake)
I will probably add some espresso brownies to the desserts since I'm not sure if the kids will want the pie.

Of course we'll have coffee-we can't have a meal around here without the coffee!

Our community pool is now closed until after the New Year as well for its yearly cleaning and maintenance.  Therefore, water aerobics has also been put on hold until probably end of February.  Seems all of us would have gladly kept going since they're heating the pool for us and all, but unfortunately, the air hovering over the pool isn't very inviting at 9 a.m..

Ever come out of an 82 degree pool into 50 degree temperatures with a side of wind?  It is just NOT pleasant.

I realize those of you who are living in less than zero temps and snow have no sympathy for us here in Arizona, but trust me-it is NOT worth the workout.  I can't limp fast enough to the locker room!

With that said, I bid you all ado for the rest of this rather awful 2018. May 2019 bring us all so much better on every level.

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