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Thursday, February 27, 2014


What a Week!

What a Week

I feel a bit ragged.  It’s no wonder. Let’s face it-what has happened in the last couple of weeks would make the strongest person a bit tired.

Besides the obvious of having that second accident and nearly getting blown up I also had to see a couple of doctors, have tests and of course, no week is complete without adding an infection to the mix.

That wouldn’t have been the end-of-the-world, but my new doctor gave me an anti-biotic that’s seems to be way worse than what it’s trying to eradicate from my body.  Let’s just say that from the first pill until the last my diet has been tea and toast.

I’m posting this a tad early too.  Why?  I usually put the blog out for your hopeful enjoyment on Friday mornings-unfortunately, our little guy, Jackson, will be having surgery.  The day will start out incredibly early (I was given a 5 a.m. call) and it will probably run very late into the day. 


Sam, ever brave-is I’m sure more than nervous about this event.  Poor Jackson had a bit of a “dimple” in the wrong place and therefore had to wait to have his circumcision and the removal of said dimple done until he hit 6 months.  Evidently that’s the magic age for letting a little baby have anesthesia.

If there’s one thing we can be happy about is that Jackson has NO idea what he’s in for and will hopefully not be in much pain when he wakes up from his forced nap.  He’s such a happy and wonderful little man that we don’t want this to change his view on doctors for the next few months.

When I went with Adam for the 6 month shots-that nurse was so deft and fast with the 4 shots that you couldn’t help but be impressed!  Still, poor guy could hardly wait until he was let go and put into his daddy’s arms.

On an up note-it’s fun to watch this new father-son bond.  Jackson is far from fussy but if he gets upset, Adam has a special song that calms him down right away.  So does grandpa, but that’s not the point.  Adam told me that when Sam’s on her way home from work and he resents being in the back seat when mom’s in the front-she calls her ever-lovin’ and as soon as Jackson hears his voice and the song-away go the early evening fusses.

This blog is a bit of a mish mash-can’t be helped.  Written early, written while sick, written while busy and most of all, written while worried.

Until next week-enjoy your Oscar party (should you have one), enjoy the first week of March and let’s all hope that the month brings lots of improvements on all levels for everyone.

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