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Friday, February 06, 2015


Just Breathe

Just Breathe

It all started with an e-mail I received last week.  Our local library is fantastic, truly.  Every class, every program, every book for rent is all done without charge.  To some that statement may be greeted with a “duh”, but not for those of us from Orange County, CA where we had to pay to check out new books, DVDs and pay for anything other than “old” novels.


Last summer I took the boys to a magic program and a science program.  Right now they’re having a blast in a weekly arts and crafts class.


But I digress.  The e-mail I received was one telling me about a Qigong/Tai Chi class.  Seems it’s been going on for a very long time, but I just got the memo.


Now that last week’s latest epidural has kicked in and physical therapy has me moving better, I decided to give this slow moving and breathing exercise class a try.  It was an hour, said it was for beginners and it actually used the adjective “easy” in the description.


My feeling was, “hey, what’s the worst that will happen?  I try a few minutes and realize I couldn’t/shouldn’t and better not do it?”  So I texted my girlfriend and asked if she wanted to check it out with me.


Linda had to work, but said to report back on how it was and if I’d be going back.

I got there and there were a lot of newcomers-seems I wasn’t the only one who was sent the love note!  We even had 2 men amongst the 14 women.  Big class too-the teacher said it was her largest ever.  Normally there were about 8.


“Bina” is very quiet and I’m guessing under all that reserve, a bit of a “spitfire”.  Realizing that most of the newbies had all sorts of issues, she decided to keep it extra easy. 

Qigong is big on 3 types of breathing.  And leg work.  Fortunately, I’ve been working a lot on breathing and the importance of proper use of my legs in physical therapy.

The class was both easy and hard, relaxing and yet my heart rate got going.  I left feeling as if I’d gotten a good amount of movement and yet I felt peaceful. 

At the end I enjoyed my hour of newness and I really enjoyed all the others in the class.

I texted Linda when I got home and re-hydrated (you get mighty thirsty doing all that deep breathing), “Linda, class was gr8. Def’y am going bk. Coming? Bring water”

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