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Friday, August 17, 2018


Oh My Luna!

Last week Jackson had a rather rough start to starting school.  Once inside the confines of the "kindergarten" area he was happy and enjoying it, but it seems there was a very scary part of getting to the gated area meant for those between the ages of five and six.

For some unknown (or logical) reason, even though there's a "kindergarten" gate-the newbies to the school aren't allowed to use it!  Only the "bus" kids and the pre-schoolers.  Really?  The gate is right there where the classrooms are-why make the littlest kids walk through a new and very large campus?

The thing that seemed to bother Jackson the most was the two "tunnels" that he had to walk through to wind his way to his playground.

Adam was concerned.  I can totally understand.  Most of these kids went to one day care/pre-school for the prior five years of their lives.  Now they were being told that they had to go here, with new kids they didn't know, teachers they had only seen once and to walk by themselves without moral support.

This brought lots of tears and apprehension.

Fortunately, there is a little girl name Luna who seems to get to the school the same time as Jackson and they're in the same room.  While Adam has to drop off and get to work, Luna's mom said she has plenty of time and the new kindergarten parents got the two leery kiddos together.

This was at the beginning of week two, so while week one was filled with breakdowns and tears-week two was "Hurry up daddy! I need to get to school and find my Luna!!"

Besides starting kindergarten, Jackson also asked if I would take him to the big library (Thursday the class goes to the school one) so he could get his own card and books.  I promised him and we went on Wednesday.

Dylan opted to go home and do chores, but Aidan came along and helped Jackson learn how to use the computer check-out.  Jackson had quite the decision to make!  There were 10 styles of library card designs to choose from-after a few minutes he decided on one with a big cookie on the front.

Aidan helped him pick out his first books, picked out one for himself and grandma picked up a Lisa Scottoline for herself.

Somehow, we are already done with week 2 of school around here.

Thanks to Luna, everyone is happy.  At least for this week.

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