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Friday, February 26, 2016


Sick Sucks

Having a compromised immune system really sucks.

It all started when Adam and I were hanging out Monday.  He started to have that annoying cough.  Felt fine, just coughing.  Then I heard from Sarah-for the third time we were having to postpone our yearly "birthday kidnap" because Dylan was running a fever and coughing. 

Tuesday Steve and I spent some time with Adam, Jackson and Bryce and then used some freebie movie passes to see Race (an excellent film about Jesse Owens) and to use a Groupon for a Sports/Hamburger place in Old Town Scottsdale.

Wednesday came rolling along and I had to take Dylan to the doctor's-his fever broke but he sounded the way I did last month.  Luckily, it was just a very annoying cough.

Problem with all this?  Despite my having had "it" and having had my annual flu shot-my RA still renders me rather frail when I go around sickies.  And there I was-had no idea until Wednesday that poor Adam was running a fever and had the flu (yes, he had the flu shot-for what it appears to be worth). Also, I don't think it did me much good to be sitting in the pediatrician's office in the "sick" area.


Boys arrived early and excited Thursday morning.  We went to breakfast, went to the Arizona Science Center (as you can see they really love creating dams from the picture below) and then as we were nearing the last exhibit (various vacuums/balls/air shooters) I realized that my skin hurt.

That is so NOT a good sign.  Then I started to have a very low gravelly voice and by the time we got to our  dinner destination-I had to admit I was SICK.

Yep-by the time we got back to our home I was coughing, throat on fire and per our thermometer I was running a fever of almost 101.  Considering my usual temp is a firm 97.3, I gave up and got into my pjs, took meds and almost made it through The Martian. 

Now personally I feel that since I was on death's door on January 31-through practically Valentine's Day this is just not fair.

Excuse me, but I'm going to go grab more hot tea.  It seems this is my week to watch the boys until 5:30 tonight. 

I haven't even taken anything out for dinner.  Here's hoping Steve wants to stop at the only Chinese food place in Anthem that serves quite mediocre food and will bring home his favorite fried rice for him and wanton soup for me.

That is all-I need to go get more tea.

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