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Thursday, December 17, 2015


Where Did This Year Go?

I was just sitting here deciding whether I should write up one more profile that's been on my desk or read one of the two books I checked out at the library yesterday.  Actually, I thought I had written up a blog already while I was on a hot streak last week but when I took another look-oh dear, I found that what I thought was in my queue was last week's musing.

Sigh.  No reading for me (at the moment).

Besides finding out that I had written nothing for this week it occurred to me that next week is Christmas and then New Year's.  How did this year pass so quickly?  Wasn't it just Steve's birthday?  Here it comes again!  Wait until he finds out that 2016 will be his last year in his 50's.

This has been quite the year-we've had ups and downs and certainly all-arounds.  everything from the usual birthdays and anniversaries to an actual BIRTH day. 

In June, Steve and I celebrated knowing each other for 35 years.  We finished paying off our cruise for this coming April-then we'll celebrate 35 years of marriage.  It's an accomplishment that is all too unmet by far too many couples these days.

Looking back over 2015 I must say I was hoping for more in the way of improving my health and mobility-but in lieu of that, I'm learning to appreciate what I do have, continue on working on getting stronger and just realizing that I'm more fortunate that many others who have been literally run over by a truck (or 2 in my case).

I know that traditionally we're all supposed to write up a list of resolutions for the coming 12 months, but mine have been the same for a while now:  Exercise, ask for help when needed, Don't be afraid to say NO and look forward to enjoying all the little things, excited for the big things and realize I am not able to control most of the outside forces.

That said:  Happy Holidays to each and every person who stops by.  May your celebrations be in good health and that you enjoy every moment of them.

I'm going to take off for the rest of the year-next post New Year's Day. 

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