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Friday, May 18, 2018


Windows 10- You Still STINK

Yesterday my computer told me, "you have new updates for Windows 10 to install".

I knew in my heart of hearts I really shouldn't click "install", but I did per hubby's telling me nothing bad would happen.

Hah!  I say!

Now I can't get into the computer unless a message about my having mail shows in the bottom corner, followed by a note that says I have new mail and click on it.  From there I can finally get my computer to open up to the front page and the mail.  Just clicking on the opening picture screen greets me not with a place to login, only a "beep, boop" sound.

Once I'm done and leave to do something else for a while-the entire process starts over from the beginning.

Steve did say when it happens to show him.  That might be easier if he were here.  Since he's 30 miles a way, I have little hope of his making this any easier on me until his next day off-Tuesday.

I hate Windows 10.

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