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Friday, August 04, 2017


Slow But Sure

This week saw some strength improvement. I actually drove my car from my house down to Adam's and back to feed their 4 cats.  That sounds pathetic (and it sort of is) but the fact that I drove down there, fed them, played a few minutes and then drove home after feeding and pottying our 3 fur babies and then preparing breakfast is actually quite the fete!

I've also begun to breakdown dinner prep into several sections so that I can manage to get something on the table when Steve gets home.

It's those little things, that never occurred to be before, that add up to feeling as if I've turned the corner from seriously sick to moderately inconvenienced.

Sarah had to drive me to my yearly bone density and mammogram-which then exhausted me into a naptime.  Then Steve drove me to the doctor's for another check-in.  It went pretty much as expected:  you are doing better but don't overdo or you'll just put yourself back.  I was told to just add a bit more every day and to remember how important resting is to my health at this point.

This morning Steve decided that we should go to our local bagel shop for breakfast.  We also had to stop at our insurance agent's office.  Both were tiring enough, but then I had to take the dogs across the street to the park for a "potty" break.

I say "had" because yesterday's monsoon freaked out poor Sunshine-who just hates the thunder and rain.  I'd put the thunder shirt on to help except that it's 105 outside and the humidity is Florida worthy at this point.  Too hot for the shirt!

By the time I was through with all that-it was a definite "rest period" for me.

Being old is not the only thing that isn't meant for sissies-evidently being sick is just as hard on a person.

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