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Thursday, October 24, 2019


What a Week!

I am not sure about the past week.  As usual, we've had our ups and our downs.  Steve was in Salt Lake City to train the new store.  He's not happy about the cold.  Let's face it, we've been desert creatures for 7 years now and we didn't even like anything below 65 when we lived in the late great state of California!

While I hated getting up at 4 a.m. to get Steve to the airport on Tuesday, I am less thrilled about going tonight to pick him during the rush hour traffic.  I also save any and all anxiety for travelling to and from Sky Harbor airport.  I'm sure some crazy person designed that entire place.

This week I also found myself being a single parent to our pups-both of which are still in the throws of deep depression over losing their feline brother.  Sunshine's eating is still spotty and she tends to spend her time indoors sitting and staring at the back of the reclining sofa crying.

Lucky, on the other hand, eats just fine, but then throws up in bed (usually on me!).  Well, the vet said to bring her in if it got worse.  Okay, in the last week our little one has puked in the middle of the night 4 times.

Nothing like stripping a bed, myself, starting the laundry and Steve cleaning the mattress and drying it before then looking for replacement linens at horrible hour of 3 or 4 a.m..  Sigh.

Adam helped me out Tuesday night by putting my fitted sheet back onto the bed.  Of course that night, Lucky threw up on Steve's side!  Thank goodness for my foresight!  I covered it with some very large and fluffy towels.  The mess got on them, Steve's side of the bed was fine and I just had to start the laundry.

Next morning I dropped off Lucky at our amazing vet for the day.  After a day being "observed" the only thing that the vet found was a problem of the feminine kind that she assured me wasn't causing the puking, the old lady hobbling and the testiness.  We're now waiting to for the outcome of a full blood panel with an extra of a valley fever test.  Great.

Speaking of valley fever, I went for my second quarterly visit.  My blood work wasn't back, but now she wants me to see the ENT because it seems that after 2 rounds of antibiotics my ear is still full of fluid and I'm running a slight fever.

I'll get to that, I promise.  Not really all that much fun having an ear that is both plugged and popping.

Last but certainly not least:  Steve and I have actually picked out and ordered our long awaited new floors!!!  We've also picked out the tiles and stones as well as the quartz for the master bath.  We'll start all that fun after Thanksgiving.  To make things a little less stressful (as if any re-modeling isn't), I've already begun packing away items that need to be out of the way!  Pictures, books, photo albums, etc..

When Steve has his next day off, we need to find new sinks, a tub set and a shower set.

Woo Hoo!!

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