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Friday, August 05, 2016


Happy Birthday, Jackson!

Happy Birthday to our favorite Jackson!

It's so hard to believe that Jackson is now 3 years old! 

He's got quite a sense of humor-rivals his dad and grandpa.  He has a heart as big as the wash abutting our homes and he loves his "baby sister".  He told me so, "I take my baby sister Bryce everywhere!"

And at 8-1/2 months, she adores him!  The other morning, while running a fever of over 102, she was still crawling after him all over the house and laughing at the way he could throw a ball for the dogs, dribble a giant play ball around the playroom and thought he was so entertaining that he deserved a round of applause.  Listening to the two of them laugh uproariously is heart-warming and wonderful.

This is such a great age:  At 3, Jackson walks, runs, talks about everything imaginable (Thank you to Little Einsteins for teaching him so much) and he's typically social.  Yes, we knock on the door and he comes running and presses his nose on the glass telling either mom or dad to let us in.

He's very observant too.  A few weeks back I shared that he was looking at a Men's Health magazine that Adam had on his night stand and he realized that the front picture of a man in work out clothes looked liked "Daddy Home" and the back photo of a man in a suit and tie was, "Daddy Work".

Thanks to his love of Little Einsteins, Jackson can tell you a lot about our planetary system, classical music and classic artists.  He knows various instruments too.  He loves all kinds of trucks and dinosaurs.  He has a few hats and has to wear them while playing with the accompanying toys.  Baseball hats with nerf balls, Fireman hats with his fire truck (It's actually a storage truck for Lightning McQueen, but it's big and red) and sunglasses to be cool in the pool.

It's amazing that Jackson has gone from 9.5 pounds of newborn to over 30 and holding an intelligent conversation in such a short amount of time. 

Watching children grow and change is fantastic-besides my two who are firmly in their 30's, I've watched over 150 other children grown and become adults through my day care provider years.

But being part of watching our 4 grandchildren morph into the beings they are is the most satisfying.

It's fun to be there to experience their changes on an almost daily basis.  Some days are harder to get through, but fun nonetheless.

Jackson will be gone for a week to celebrate his birthday with the California family.  We'll miss them all.  We'll enjoy having Lily stay with us and I'll be walking down the block to feed and care for the cats.

What I'll look forward to the most is what changes will happen during this absence and what both Jackson and Bryce will be like upon their return.

Happy Birthday to the best 3 year old I know!

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