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Thursday, March 10, 2016



When I was in about 4th grade a wonderful Navy family moved into a home just a few doors down from us.  Nice couple who had a daughter my age, then came the lone boy of the kids, and two toddler girls who were pretty close to my sister's age.

Dede and I got a long well and were in each other's class at school.  Our sister's had a good time together as well.  I'd say you could call us "besties".  It was a sad day when their dad got transferred and they moved to London! 

After London, they came back to California-but to Coronado, a beautiful little island right off San Diego.  I visited several times, so did my parents and we stayed in touch until they moved to Virginia and we were teens.

A few months ago, don't know why, I started thinking of her and the family and wondered where they were and what they were all doing.  I even tried looking her up on Face Book and Linked In.

Turns out-Dede had somehow found one of my articles on the internet and knew that with my name that it had to be me.  Had no idea that my maiden name was even included on some of the stories floating around out there in cyberspace!

That perked her interest and she found me on both Face Book and Linked In-BUT (weirdness) for some reason-I never saw her note to me until almost a year later!!!  Don't even know what I did but there was her note dated almost twelve months prior to my spotting it.

I sent her notes everywhere-FB, LinkedIn, the e-mail addy she had put on one of her notes and then, I waited.

Her reply came a day or so later!

We caught each other up on our lived over the last 45+ years.  Turns out she has a good friend that lives in Scottsdale, not that far from where we live! 

This is what I love about the internet-I've re-connected with so many good friends over the last few years!  My bestie from the time we were 5, two of my bridesmaids and my best friend from college-as well as my best friend from junior and senior high school.  Lots of other good friends as well.

Let's face it-as we all are aging, it's fun to find out how many of us are doing, what has happened both good and bad in our lives and sharing it all with people who have known us longer than our spouses. 

Here's to fate, may it long continue!

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