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Friday, March 30, 2007



Yes, I wrote "Aloha!"

I'm going and I'm taking my husband with me. No recently moved in-laws who won't stop calling during dinner. No adult children who want us to enjoy a few hours alone with our adorable grandson, while they go out for a double feature and a movie. My husband will not tell me about the latest craze in furniture. I will not mention the type of plumbing the Sheraton in Kauai chose and why they shouldn't have picked it. I will not write a word about what we see, how much we enjoyed it or make any suggestions in articles (until we are back at home anyway). Nope we are just going to be one with our anniversary trip.

We need this time. It's our 26th anniversary. Getting away for this occassion is a yearly event. We're very much each others better halves. Best friends. Definitely soul mates. Last year, since it was a landmark year, we went on a seven day Caribbean cruise and formally re-married each other.

This year, it's a land trip to one of the islands. Since we've been on opposite work schedules due to my "season ending injury" (broke my foot, son-in-law named it this), we've been more like ships passing in the night, rather than bosom buddies.

Although I'm sure we will enjoy our Fern Grotto tour, the beaches, the luau, walks and talks, etc., I know we will enjoy being together. Quite frankly, as long as we have some couple time, I think we'll be ecstatic!

Imagine my surprise when my husband asked me what I wanted to do when we got settled into our room! Imagine his surprise, when (I'm really quite demure about this subject) I told him in probably the clearest language he ever heard out of me.

Let's reflect here-the closest thing we've had to a day off together in the last 7 months is last week when we were treated to our "No Autographs Please" event! What in the world did he think I wanted to do????

One of my blog buddies-the sideways chica-talked about how her darling hubby had found that while he is trying to recover from his bad knee, that sex made good exercise. I'm going to try it! I'm still not walking as much as I'd like, or as fast as I'd like and I certainly haven't been able to work the schedule that I'd like-so why not try it the "sideways chica" way? If I don't come back in the shape I want, at least, as a couple, we'll have fun trying to get me there!

Oh, just so you're not surprised-there will be no column next week. I'll be otherwise entwined.

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