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Friday, August 12, 2016


Art Linkletter was So Right

Art Linkletter's show was a great place for kids to really say "the darnedest things".  Probably many people reading this have no idea who Art Linkletter was or how hilarious his program was-but even though I was just a kid I remember laughing at the kids myself.

My grandkids are a constant source of laughter.

Last week the boys were truly driving me insane and I said, "That's it, now you're going to watch what grandma wants for the rest of the day."

I put on Mysteries at the Museum and it's sister show Mysteries at the Monument.

Aidan was none to pleased, but Dylan became hooked.  He didn't even want to eat dinner because he wanted to watch the episode that was on when I said it was time to wash hands and come to the table.

When he got home that night, Sarah reported the following on Face Book:

"Dylan came into my room after I tucked him in and asked me to Google Yellow Fever...apparently he saw it on Mysteries at the Museum and was worried he would catch it. So I told him it's mostly found in Africa and South America..not the US.  His response "I asked you to Google it, not Mom it" I totally burst out laughing at this kid.

While at Adam and Sam's home we all started talking about the little fact that school was about to begin and how much it was costing to get kids everything on the "must have" list that the school district had e-mailed to parents.  It seems the poor teachers do not have any funding and now require parents to supply everything that everyone in my age group counted on just being passed out on that fateful first day of classes. 

Aidan added his two cents worth to the conversation,  "Teachers really deserve a raise because they don't get paid enough to have to see all us kids who don't listen 5 days a week."

Jackson, who just turned 3, loves the show "Little Einsteins".  He loves the characters, especially "Rocket"-who takes the main characters on all kinds of adventures and is able to turn himself into boats, planes, submarines and who knows what else.  It's really a pretty good kids show-teaching them about the classic artists, musicians and all kinds of pretty sophisticated stuff.

We celebrated his birthday last weekend he was totally bowled over by one of his presents from his Auntie Sarah-a rocket (actually 3 that enveloped each other)!  From the moment he saw that rocket he began mimicked the "lead" boy in Little Einsteins:  "I cannot believe it! The best rocketship EVER!"

He also thanked his cousins and aunt for "all of my bibs."  Of course he did mean gifts, but he was too busy eating cake and gasping at what his own rocket could do.

Before opening presents, we were having dinner and Jackson was so excited about his birthday cake that he refused to eat!  He loves fruit and wouldn't even touch his grapes or pineapple. 

Big problem: The rule is NO dessert until you've eaten your meal.

Well our little pre-adolescent dug in his heels and refused to take even a single bite of fruit, tomatoes (yes, I know it's also a fruit), not a chip or some of the turkey out of what was now a de-constructed sandwich.

Finally, his two cousins tried to coax him into eating. Dylan got nowhere.  But Aidan kept trying.

At last, Aidan finally said, "Listen Jackson, you just have to take one bite buddy.  Just one!  I've known your mom and dad longer than you have and I'm telling you they won't let you eat your birthday cake unless you eat some dinner first!"

Jackson stared as his cousin and then picked up some of the food and ate it.   "There, now I get birthday cake!"

Biggest problem of the day solved by an 8-1/2 year old.

Of course for every hilarious thing that pops out of a kid's mouth, there's double that amount that has parents, grandparents and teachers cringing-but I'd rather have a good giggle than a red face.

Either way,  I can vouch that there are many more fun sentences that come out of the mouths of my grandsons than I can remember to put down here. 

Now that Bryce is almost 9 months and can definitely say "mama" and "dada", I'm waiting with bated breath as to what her first sentence will be and what kind of sense of humor she will add to the mix of our family.

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