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Friday, May 09, 2014


Please, Save the drama for YOUR momma!

Please, Save the Drama for YOUR Momma


Because it’s Mother’s Day weekend, I feel I have a right to say something to other moms:  Please, we all have “something”-so if you aren’t my BFF or a family member, stop sharing your stories of angst with me!


Why?  It’s the same as posting your dirty laundry on social sites-NO ONE wants to hear about things such as:


You’re almost ex-husband who left you, has a new girlfriend and still finds time to verbally attack you every day via text or calls. If you go on to add that you have several diseases and have the need to run to Nepal and raise sheep, please it’s not that I am hard-hearted Hannah, I’ve just got an overflowing “plate” of my own.  Besides, you’re just using me to have someone listen to you.


I, a total stranger, should not be privy to your health problems, your money problems or be told that you have a child in Joe Arpaio’s jail and that they hate the pink underwear.


To those who overshare to strangers such as myself, do you know that while I’m sitting there with my Chihuahua minding my own business that you are also sharing these highly private problems with all the people around us whom also don’t know you-but they sure do know your deepest (and darkest) problems????


Maybe it’s my relaxed demeanor that brings drama to me!


Another person struck up a monologue with me in a market over the corn box.  Started out with a simple, “Don’t these first corn of the season look delicious?” to her segueing into a 15 minute tearful telling of how lonely she is now that her last child has flown the coop to work “all the way out in Scottsdale”.

Really?  For those who have no idea-Scottsdale is a mere 30-50 miles (depends on what part of this lovely city) from Anthem/New River.   I extricated myself by saying I understand but I have to go pick up my grandkids.  When I turned she was still crying and blowing her nose.  Don’t know how much longer she stood there waiting for someone to take my place-but my “mitzvah” (good deed) for the day was done. 

Of course it is totally my bad because I didn’t run like the wind after the she did her second sentence, but I wanted corn and then didn’t want her to feel abandoned.  Took me 15 very generous minutes to think to myself that this wasn’t something I could/would/should fix and why was I allowing this scenario to continue?

As I said, maybe it’s my demeanor or that fact that sometimes I’m stuck (the first woman finds me while I’m waiting for the grandkids to get out of school) until I find a way out that entails the stranger not being able to follow me.


Enough, I’ve had my rant.  To anyone who sees themselves in these paragraphs, start thinking “Save the Drama for Yo’ Momma”, but not on Mother’s Day-let her have that one day to NOT help anyone who’s having some personal catastrophe.


Now I want to take this moment to say Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, sister, sister-in-law and daughter. 

Here’s a very special one to Sam who is celebrating her very first Mother’s Day (plus the kids celebrated their 4th anniversary) this year!

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