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Saturday, October 06, 2012


Honesty-The Best Policy

Honesty is still the best policy


As you know we’ve had her house for sale-as is usual for us, we’re a few days late of what should’ve been a quick sale.   Most houses sell fast in the spring and summer, being us-we started just as fall began.


We were encouraged this past week when a couple came in and told the realtor that they wanted to buy the house. They proved they had a sizable down payment and said they could afford the monthly fees. 


They spent an hour and a half looking at the house, took up four hours of our realtor’s time and then proceeded to find a reputable lender.  It was at this point that the problem popped up.  Oh, did I mention they came on the day I had the surgery? 


It seems the couple, who are self-employed, neglected to actually put their true earnings into their tax forms.


Really? Why do people do that?


If you want to lie about your taxes that’s your business. However, I find it rude to take up that much of for people’s time knowing that you’re “fudging” will make it impossible for you to get a loan. 


So back to square one.  I’m pretty disappointed.  If they had been honest, this whole debacle would never have happened, I’m pretty angry at their dishonesty.  They’re still searching for that elusive loan.


 Our new home has closed escrow and my husband as a contractor taking care of some of the issues that needed fixing. I still haven’t seen the house!


In the meantime, people seem to love the house and all it has to offer-the problem seems to be and they want it for about $100,000 less than anything else in the Valley!  That’s not going to happen. 

Case in point, a woman came in and loved the home and the agent immediately put in an offer.  It was low AND they wanted it on a contingency.  Our agents looked up everything about the offer and the buyer’s home-turns out that her condo has been on the market for almost 3 months! 


We were going to counter back with a more reasonable number and only give her 72 hours to get her home into escrow-but when we found out that she hadn’t lowered the price on it and it was on the market for about $30 higher than the others in her neighborhood-our agent said to just reject it.


So here I am sitting alone with Pepper the tabby while everyone else is together.  Yes, my sister’s been fantastic and my parents are close by-but that’s not my husband or my kids.


This week, besides the house thing, I had three doctors’ appointments-all of which I couldn’t drive myself too.  I’m feeling like a burden.  Plus, I finally got the stitches out of my hand-as usual, I passed out while the dozen pieces of torture came out.  Sigh.


I know that theoretically I’m home, but what I really need is to be at home physically.

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