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Friday, September 19, 2008


The Wonder of Learning

Lately I’ve had the pleasure of learning about some pretty fascinating things-treatments for adult lazy eye, new less invasive ways to do corneal transplants and treat breast cancer, a program to help those with early stage Alzheimer’s and even correct flat feet. These are just a few to bring up.

Maybe it’s the old “teacher” in me, but I’ve loved every minute of the research, the interviews and the writing. I’ve also loved reading the comments and the e-mails I’ve received from readers who are in some way touched by what my words have meant to me.

It’s been my pleasure to talk to people from all walks of life who are willing to share their experiences at first just one-on-one with me-knowing all along that I’d be sharing their stories with people in Orange County, California where I reside.

Due to the internet, it amazes me where my stories end up! When I wrote about “healing touch” therapy-it seemed that about three websites picked up the story from the OC Register and ran it for their members to read. When I wrote about hypnotherapy to treat teenagers I had several people send me notes thanking me for writing about the subject and just as many who thought I had to be kidding.

No I wasn’t kidding and yes, even the American Psychology Association recognizes the benefits of its use.

When I wrote about a podiatrist who specialized in a new procedure to cure flat feet and that he was starting a fund to help give underprivileged kids the surgery-I received about 10 letters from kids (and one daring young adult) asking me to put in a good word to the “good doctor” on their behalf.

My favorite was the discreet notes sent via the newspaper about a story I did about female sexual dysfunction. Yes, I wrote a story for an Orange County newspaper on this subject and yes it ran in the print version-not just online.

Several women wanted to thank me for letting them know that I had given them the courage to make an appointment with their doctors to discus their pain and ask for help. And now, they even knew who to go to in order to get this help.

I’m really hoping that the two stories I’ll be sitting at and composing this weekend do a lot of good.

One is on a program to help Alzheimer patients and the other is on the two latest procedures on treating breast cancer.

Both are very positive stories, informing all of us that if we know of someone we love with either problem that there are new things to try and do-all with very positive and assuring outcomes.

That’s what I love about writing-the wonderful people you meet, getting the word out to others and learning absolutely fascinating and useful information.

Now last week, I was in quite a mood-one of the sites I write a cooking column for and run this blog on decided that sometimes we all need a “bitch day” and they’re going to have one-as is my nature, I’m sharing where you can join in for the event!


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