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Thursday, December 20, 2012



Shame on you Larry Muniz, Jr.


Yes I’m naming names.  And I’m going to blast this guy’s “fly by night” insurance company too.  United Automobile Insurance Group.


Shame on you all.  First you Larry Muniz, Jr. of Glendale Arizona run a red light with a kid in your Silverado and hit me practically head on.  You are sited at the scene for doing so and causing vehicular and bodily harm as well.  Then you admit that you were speeding to the officer on that scene. 


Your insurance company then cops an attitude with not only me, your victim who somehow survived, but they take umbrage with our insurance company for fighting on my behalf as well.  They say they are not willing to take responsibility for your actions.


How dare you?  What kind of a man are you?  This is akin to these lunatics who take a gun and shoot in the air and kill people and then blame them for being in the way of the bullets! 


Why should I have to endure the pain of being hit, the bruises, the contusions, the concussion and the loss of my car and then have you be a total and complete coward who hides behind your less than honest insurance company and blame me for being in your way?


I will not apologize to you.  I will let my attorney take care of you, your cowardice and your insurance company’s like state of mind.


I will put a review on Yelp about United Automobile Insurance Group and their “parent” company of Traveler’s Insurance-and it will NOT be nice.  But they deserve a scathing review.  The Glendale police department has stated that your client was clearly speeding and clearly ran a red light-stop trying to condone his actions and blame his victim.  There are not one but two witnesses who saw the accident and said he was going over 40 MPH without regard for the surrounding traffic.


Thank goodness my brother-in-law is my attorney and he will make both of you rue your less than honorable behavior.

Shame on you Larry Muniz, Jr.  Shame on you United Automobile Insurance Group.


Oh and by the way, here in Phoenix there is a consumer segment that is quite well known for exposing situations like these and I am going to call the reporter in charge and let him know of you.   His name is Gary Harper and the segment is “3 on your side”.  Being a fellow journalist, he’ll probably take this debacle to heart.


You did not behave well and now you’re going to have to get some lumps and contusions of your own.

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