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Friday, July 22, 2016


Oh yeah?

When your sister really doesn't want to play! !  

Human Pin Cushion Here

Funny and sad:  I am a human pin cushion.

It is NOT pleasant.  I feel like a Dr. Seuss book:

I do not like a needle in the house,
I do not like a needle with a mouse,
I do not like them with some ice,
I do not like them-they are NOT nice.

This is the thing when you have chronic illnesses-you don't have a choice.

My week thus far? 

Monday:  Mammogram (clear!), DEXA scan (sorry, Carine let's try osteoporosis medicine #3 and hope for some improvement-in the meantime, don't let anyone hug you without it being in "air" quotes) and two gel injections to each one of my hips.

The needles HURT!

Tuesday:  Time for my 6 week blood tests.  4 vials.  Lovely.

Wednesday:  Oh joy!  Time for my Humira injection.  Being a big needle with an acid base, let me just say I think Steve's hearing loss is partially due to my screaming as the meds enter my body.

And wait, that's not all!  Oh no!

My "shoulder/knee" guy got approval to torture my most offending knee with orthovisc.

I know I shouldn't have done it but I looked up "patient reviews" on these gel injections. 


A few people said they fainted from the pain!  A neighbor said she had them and hopes it works better for me than it did her.  Pointing out that she didn't want to finish the series but felt she had no choice once she paid for and went through 2/3's of the effort.  Thank goodness I had the wherewithal to set them up on Steve's day off.  Now the nurse told me not to read the reviews as it wasn't that bad.  Really?  Dollars to donuts they hurt as much as at least the Humira.  Epidurals are a cakewalk compared to that. 

And oh how lucky-three of them, exactly one week apart.  One of them-I also get my Humira injection on the same day.

Some days I really just want to scream.  I really do-and then to offset things, I take it to a very literal level.  I'd try and run, but that's not in my "game" plan anymore.

Just am feeling a might "pissy" today.  Next week, back to my regularly scheduled breakdown.

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