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Friday, September 22, 2017


Saving a Bundle

Steve and I are extremely proud of our efforts at the grocery stores this week!  We are VERY good at saving on our food bills.  We sometimes are a little too good, but it somehow works out in our favor-most of the time!

This week our freezer was already at the "Fibber McGee" closet point when Steve saw that the Friday special deals at one market had sockeye salmon on sale for $5 a pound.  Fresh, not "previously frozen".  We eat a lot of fish around here.  So, with that in mind and the fact that on Friday Steve didn't have to go into work until mid-morning, we went to the market to go and get the salmon.

Okay, we didn't drive there early in the morning for just salmon.  There was also fresh tilapia and some ahi tuna on sale.  Plus, it turned out that this market was the only one  that was offering our precious morning "berry" fest at a reasonable price.  So, we stopped for a quick breakfast at the local bagel shop and toodled across the street to pick up our treasured items.

Besides the "deals" of the week-we also had a $5 coupon for the said $5 Friday deals.  Can I hear a woot, woot???

We got to the fish area and Steve saw that in the regular case there were 4 packages of not sockeye-but KING salmon stamped with 50% off coupons as a manager's special!   He took them all.  Easy enough to cut down into portions for dinner.  All were not only fresh but pre-seasoned.  I'm all about making things easy on myself these days.  Here's the breakdown:

Regular price:  $20 a lb.
Sale price:  $10 a lb.
With the manager's special:  $5 a lb.

Remember, this is for the better salmon!  We also got the other two fish, the berries (which we took our individual quotas on and paid separately).

According to the computer generated receipt, Steve and I paid for all of this and the rest of the shopping (the norm of veggies added, some extra Ziploc bags and whatever) $85 and saved a whopping $180!

Patting myself on the back.  I'm totally exhausted from my short little walk with the girls this morning, breakfast out with Steve and the 20 minutes in the market and 20 minutes of packaging up all the fish, so I'm going to go take a good rest now.

Wish I could say I'm done for the day, but I'm off to see the pulminologist for a much needed re-check this afternoon.  This will be quite the undertaking for me-haven't driven this far since before I got sick.  So this rest time is no maybe, but a must.  Until next week!

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