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Friday, June 13, 2014


Father's Day and Anniversaries

Father’s Day and Anniversaries


This is a pretty special Father’s Day for us this year! Adam, our son, will be celebrating his very first one.  If that isn’t special, what is?  It’s so hard to believe that he’s been a dad for 10 months already.  And no matter how hard we all keep trying to teach Jackson to say, “Momma”-he still answers with, “Daddee”.


I know how that is-Sarah didn’t call Steve “daddy”-but before she said “mommy”, she would go around the house calling, “honnneeeeyyyy”. 


Adam’s a very hands on dad.  Mondays and Tuesdays he and Jackson spend together.  Besides the usual parental care, he’s also finally catching on to needing to help out with household chores.  It’s a wonderful relationship to watch grow and change.

Because of the heat, I took the older boys and met Adam and Sam at the community water park in the late afternoon.  It was Jackson’s first time in the center.  While Dylan and Aidan went down the myriad of long slides, we watched from under the sanity of an umbrella.  At 5 p.m. it was a very hot 111 outside.


The next morning I texted Adam and asked if he wanted to join us after Jackson’s morning nap for a cool down.  We spent there until the lunchtime stomach grumbles began and then went to Subway for lunch.  Adam ordered up a kid’s meal for his little “me”.  Jackson tried to chew peeled and diced apple bits, fresh French bread and some avocado and cheese.  Let’s just say that I’m sure someone was going to need a bit more food that was soft in nature upon getting home.

This Sunday Adam’s working-so we’ll all be up at the crack of 7 and meet at the same place we had Mother’s Day breakfast.  It’s a popular and close local spot (this can be deciphered as-one of 4 places in our rural community that’s open during the morning hours).  It’s special because once you’ve celebrated your “first” of anything-it really can’t be done again.


Speaking of firsts-I mentioned “anniversaries” in my title-This weekend is also the first anniversary of Steve and my very first date.  Yes, Saturday is the 34th celebration of what brought 2 young people together and the lives they’ve created for an ever-growing family.


So, while I’m not allowed to toast with champagne-I will simply say to my husband, “I love you and so glad we didn’t meet at that awful group for Jewish singles.  My front door was so much better.”

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