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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


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Always Think Ahead

This is a story about "always think ahead".

It all started with my pesky arthritic knees and being in a LOT of pain.  After complaining to my less than helpful rheumy (who, BTW, misdiagnosed my knees in several ways) she sent me to my GP who agreed that the rheumy is less than satisfactory but the rest in "my network" weren't any better.

Sigh.  I'm getting off track.

After those two, I called my really good shoulder guy who also does knees.  Whew!  He gave me a shot of steroids and then realized that my RA, OA and torn meniscus weren't being helped by that and had me get approved for those lovely and quite painful cushioning gel shots to the knee (at least the worst one).

In the meantime, he told me I could NO longer walk with my friends 5 days a week for 2-1/2 miles.  I was to cut back to twice a week and for half the mileage.  He suggested a bike.  Told him that wouldn't work as I walk with (at that moment) a 6 pound wonderdog.  He then suggested water aerobics.

Talked it over with some other good coffee buddies.  Turns out our community center pool has wonderful classes because we have a fantastic teacher!

So we all three went-but I stayed.  I've been going twice a week since May.  Since it is so hot here in Arizona-our teacher has said she'll keep class going until the end of the year. Then we'll all re-evaluate the need for either taking a short break or moving up the class time.

And no, I'm not getting off track again, just giving background.

Anyway, I wear water shoes in the pool for two very good reasons:  I have really ugly RA feet.  And the bottom of the pool rips up my nodule ridden soles.

I had had my former pair of shoes for about 6 years but only used them on vacation or to keep my feet from both showing and blistering while taking the grandkids to our waterpark.

Now I was in the pool jumping, jogging, twisting, etc... for about an hour and 20 minutes twice a week.

My shoes had elastic laces.  Well after all these months-the laces and the soles looked at me the other day and said, "Lady, we quit".  I tried having a serious talk about the season being over and that Wal-mart and the 3 shoe stores at the outlet mall not having either waterproof laces or new shoes in my size.

The shoes didn't listen.  Nope, they went right ahead and just quit.  The laces stopped having the pull and kept on untying in the water and the soles, well, they just look pathetic and made my bad feet start having spasms.

Steve tried googling where to get "pool laces" and where I could order a new pair online.

It just so happened that morning we were also doing a bunch of errands and having breakfast at the local bagel shop which turns out is conveniently located right next door to what????


We went in and the nice associate took us back to the last of the summer water shoes and laces.

He suggested a large youth size.

Guess what????  Turns out I got a great pair with laces (I have a wide toe need with a very thin ankle that needs the support of the laces) and they were on sale for 50% off.

So the moral to this story is:  If you have ugly painful feet and need water shoes, don't wait until the end of October to buy new shoes for your exercise class.  And if you do, think out of the box and get a good deal that will hopefully keep you and your feet "on your toes" through the winter water classes.

Next?  I've been told I might want to find myself a nice "water" jacket to keep me warm when I'm both in the water and when I get out.

Shoot-I bought those new swimsuits and now the "vets" in the class tell me I'll really need to cover them and me up with outer pool wear.

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