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Friday, May 17, 2019


Kindergarten to 1st Grader

This week we attended the performance of about 60 kids.  All of them saying "Good-bye kindergarten, Hello 1st grade".  Of course the most important one to Steve and I was Jackson!

It was adorable!  The group rapped, they re-imagined Summer Nights from Grease to fit the occasion, danced about becoming first graders and sang an upgraded version of "Baby Shark".  The entire show took about 30 minutes in some of the most tortuous seating ever known to mankind.

We wouldn't have missed it for the world!  We loved every moment watching how far these kids have come in less than a year.

Jackson, always shy, was belting out the songs and did all the choreography that was supplied by his teachers.  He waved to his parents, sister and us from the top step of the risers and made faces in between the songs to get his friend Luna to laugh.

Quite a difference from when he had his first day and wanted Mommy and Daddy to stay with him and hated walking in the "tunnel" to his classroom.

Our adorable youngest grandson has grown both inside and out since August 7th last year.  He can read on a second grade level, he loves science, superheroes and basketball.

In watching all of these cute 6 and 7 year olds (okay, Jackson's one of the youngest and won't be 6 until August) perform for us, it literally brought tears to my eyes.  All of them happy tears, but tears nonetheless.

This was our third such "last performance" and they always choke me up.  Everything is so happy and optimistic for these youngsters.  Their future is shining bright.

We have one more kindergarten "last time" to go and many more graduations that we certainly hope and intend to be at-shedding happy tears for each and everyone.

But in the meantime-enjoy your last week in kindergarten Jackson!

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