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Friday, September 12, 2014


Sick as a Dog

A Mother Always Knows


Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a mom of a human or 4-footed child-a mom knows when their child isn’t well.


This week is was on puppy Lucky.  Poor dear, her eyes looked a bit bleary, she would ask to go out and then just stare at us.


Uh oh, I thought to myself.  Usually when we go for our morning walk, she can hardly wait to leave her “mark” on the entrance to the pocket park and then several more times as we round out to the beginning of our walk.  This time she picked up the hind legs (yes, she does it 2-legged) but nothing happened.  And this went on the whole walk. 

Except for the last half mile where she asked me to carry her.

Something was not good here.  Then we had another storm and she went 13 hours before “going”.  How could a 6 pound dog not go for 13 hours????


Tuesday-she seemed more than spooked.  So I called and made her an appointment with our wonderful vet, Dr. Kristin Young.  (I tell everyone her name because this is the most fantastic vet I’ve ever encountered!)  We went in the next afternoon. 


While Steve wasn’t even going to say “let’s just watch her”, he wasn’t thrilled about another bill.  But we both think of Pepper and Lucky as our babies and there was no question that we were going.

Dr. Young said she wasn’t worried about it being anything catastrophic (bladder cancer, etc.) she said she could have a bladder stone.  At the very least, an infection.  So with that she pried her off of me and out of my shirt and took her to the back to take her temperature and an x-ray.


Thank goodness-she didn’t have the bladder stone, but she was running a fever (hence the bleary eyes and being too tired to complete our walk on her own) and it was decided she had a doggie version of a UTI.


This I expected-but what I didn’t expect was the rest of the diagnosis!  Even though we hadn’t given Lucky any more food and the two of us had been able to walk in the early morning again, she looked a tad “puffy”. 

What was that “puff” you ask?  No-we had her neutered and the only male dog she’s around also has been “fixed”.  No, our little Chihuahua was horribly constipated!


That may be way TMI for you all, but it’s something all of you pet parents out there should consider!  The “cure”?  I’m to put in ¼ teaspoon of either psyillium or Metamucil in with her wet food in the evening. 

I don’t know if you care or want to know the “outcome” of this, but outside of my starting VERY intensive physical therapy (read that 6 hours with the therapist plus over 1-1/2 hours of exercising on my own) on my frozen and damaged shoulder that has been my week.


And that is all on why Mothers Always Know.

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