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Friday, August 28, 2009


Not funny

Not funny

Sometimes you just don’t. Maybe you’ve lost your job. Maybe your last extension of unemployment has run out and you are still NOT getting any response to your several dozen applications. It could be that you or someone in your family is suffering and you just honestly don’t know what to do. There’s just no way to make “it all better”.

Whatever, you just don’t feel capable of making people smile, let out a chuckle, a laugh and certainly not a full out rolling on the floor roar.

That’s how I feel this week.

I won’t share all of it, but let’s just say I’ve had it with computer programs, the heat, the health industry and four of us using one bathroom. There’s more, but like I already mentioned, I can’t/won’t share it all.

And then there was last week. And the week before.

The worst part is that too many people feel the exact same way-we just don’t know what to do about the dips and valleys.

As I sit here in my office writing this-I smell the tar of my new shower being hot mopped. I should be ecstatic, but this moment I’m thinking “Ew, this stuff really stinks”. Not anywhere close to my usual demeanor, but that’s all I’ve got right now.

I really don’t like being downbeat. I prefer looking at things in an optimistic way. It’s healthier; more fun to laugh than sigh and it sure feels better.
But, I just don’t. I’d go take a good long power walk, but that huge needle the rheumatologist stuck in my hip a month ago has only done a bit to relieve the problem and I did quite a walk yesterday-so today, it’s sit on my backside day. Another thing I’m lamenting that I usually don’t. Plus, we’re in the middle of yet another heat wave, so I was greeted with temps well into the 90’s by 8:30 this morning.

So, this week I’ve decided to keep this short. Who wants to read something that doesn’t take them out of a funky mood, but pushes them right down into one?

Here's the link to my column in the Saddleback News:

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