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Friday, January 12, 2018


Time Flies

As you can see from my posting of our darling Lucky's photo-we've now been fortunate to have her in our lives for 5 years!  Seems impossible that our tiny puppy is about 6 years old!

My Facebook page came up with the news and proved to me something more than this is a wonderful day to remember,  it also proved that Lucky seems to like to get sick on this occasion!

Yep, three years in a row (including this one!) somewhere in the middle of the night, Lucky asks to be let out and then proceeds to come back in and puke all over our bed.


This year was special.  When she did it she not only got my side of the bed slimy, she got me as well!

Can you say, "Double EW!?"

There we were at 3:10 a.m. stripping the bed and re-making the bed. Steve did that part.  While he was doing all of that, I was peeling off my wet and gross night clothes and changing myself.  Then I started the laundry.

By 4 a.m. we were almost asleep when what did we hear?  No, not Lucky-Pepper!  Yep, the old guy bounded out of my armpit and proceeded to join his canine sister in proving that stomach virus' are part of more than human life.

At least with Pepper, it wasn't the bed that got the gunk, just the carpet that Steve had cleaned the week before.  At 7, Sunshine got up and wanted out.  She woke Lucky up because, well, girls still have to "go" in pairs.  They went, I fed the four-footed delegate, re-pottied the girls and crawled back into bed.

At 9, Sunshine decided to have sympathy pains.

Adam called around 10 or so (I think, I was so tired I'm not actually sure what happened for the rest of the day-I'm sick again because both Steve and Sarah decided they had to share their broncytis with the woman who only has one lung.   So all this happened while I'm still working on my mad breathing skills.

Anyway, Adam heard what had been going on and understood completely-Dex (their rescue) had done the exact same thing as Lucky!  And it was his Maine Coon that contributed to the mess afterward.  Seems Adam had cleaned out all 4 of the cats food bowls and had fed them breakfast when Toby decided to make sure the meal became totally inedible!

Wow!  Auspicious start to Lucky's 6th year with us.  No matter what-we love her and wouldn't have it any other way.  Happy Birthday to the best little toy Chihuahua we've ever known and loved.

FYI-Sunshine is a mix of Chi and Italian Grayhound which is why I put that last line the way I did!  By now you all know just how much those 3 four-legged babies mean to us!

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