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Thursday, February 11, 2016


Wheezing and panting

As you know from last week's post-Ive been really sick.  This thing was and is awful.

Made it somehow through the company, the cooking and kept breathing-it was not an easy task.  I made it as easy as possible on myself.  Steve grilled two nights and I took help from bags of cole slaw and chips as well as a pre-cut bowl of fruit.  Breakfast?  Grab a bowl of cereal folks or everyone decide on eggs with or without toast.

By the time Tuesday afternoon's drop-off happened, I felt like dropping off myself. 

Wednesday I committed to meeting up with my walking buddies at the usual appointed time.  It was quite warm-our winter is officially over and we're enjoying mid-80's and warm breezes-so I didn't even wear the usual outer clothing. 

However as I rounded the corner to the last mile, we all noticed that I could barely talk, the wheezing was audible and I had to confess to seeing a multitude of stars.  I made it home, but spent the next two hours sitting at the table with hot lemon and honey and the newspaper trying to focus on something other than inhaling without pain.

It turned out to be my turning point!  This morning it was even warmer, so out I went and even though it was still tough, breathing wasn't as bad and I was still able to move in a fairly normal fashion.

I even talked to a lovely gentleman for an upcoming profile.  It was our third attempt at this chat.  He had to cancel because he had caught "it".  Then I had it.  We couldn't even blame each other for sharing the horrendous germ, as we are in different states.

We did agree this is/was a nasty one and that despite the antibiotics, fluids and rest-we still were working on getting over it.

Something to be said for resting.  Also-something to be said for asking for help.  Steve was great at grilling the proteins, Aidan set the table one night and Dyl the next.  My sister-in-law just grabbed a French knife and helped cut some needed items for the various "help yourself" portions of dinner.

It will probably take me a couple of more weeks to ditch the cough and fatigue, but thank goodness that at least the worst is over. 

Word to the wise:  do not get whatever it is-trust me, you don't want it.

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