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Saturday, August 25, 2018


I Think I'm Getting Old

I think I'm getting old.  I am losing patience with things that wouldn't have bothered me much 10 years ago.  Like having to stand on slanted grass to see a concert.  Or why do I have to call my pulmonologist 3 times before they send in a new prescription to the pharmacy.  And, as much as I love my pets (and anyone who's been on this site for even a second can see they're precious to me), waking up to throw up is somehow not as appealing as it once was prior to my entering my 60's.

Steve and I got an e-mail a couple of months ago telling us that LiveNation (concert promoters) had settled some lawsuit and our part was 2 tickets up to $30 each to see another show.  So we went on line and decided on Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker and surprise, a newbie who was also very good-Russell Dickerson.

We really didn't want to add to the price, so we chose the lawn seats.  We "upgraded" to the reserved area which gave us basically beach chairs that we didn't have to either haul around or tow with us from home.

They were really low to the ground.  I wouldn't have noticed that in years past, but for a person with untreated RA, OA and bad discs from literally stem to stern-I noticed.  Big time!  And then it came.  After the opening act, out came Darius Rucker and everyone stood up!

We had forgotten about this fact since it's been literally 30 years since we've sat in the grass area of any show.  I'm old, I hurt and hoisting myself up and out of that chair that might as well been cement blocks on the ground was painful.  Plus, we were on a slant.  Standing on a slant is also not going to make me feel real happy.  I'm 5' tall on a good day.  Everyone else was so much taller that I couldn't even see one of the 3 jumbo screens.  At least I heard both Rucker and Lady Antebellum.

Steve wasn't thrilled either.  I actually heard him say to the people in front of us, "Sit your A**** down".    The woman next to us asked me, "Why exactly did we buy a ticket?"

She was slightly younger than us, but the couple behind us were slightly older and just said, "Let's go, it's too loud anyway."

Steve turned off his hearing aids and proclaimed it "just the right amount of volume".

We also kept getting lots of texts telling us that the area the arena was in was expecting storms.  Thankfully that didn't happen.

We did love the music, it was fun to get out and not have to see one of Steve's awful movies for our date night.  But if we ever see another concert-I'm paying the full price and getting a front row seat.

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