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Friday, September 03, 2010


What Can You Do With 3 Ingredients?

I issued a challenge to my cooking column readers-what can you make with 3 ingredients? Here's the outcome:  

Just chillin'

So we’re back. As expected-my husband wouldn’t even let me get behind the wheel of my own car from the moment we left to the moment we came back. In fact, even though he’s on vacation-he had to go to an important meeting and did he take his newly repaired crossfire?

No, he took my little old PT Cruiser. I’m not sure, but I think he likes my vehicle more than his.

Now for our trip-we left at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m. last Friday. It’s dark at that time of the day. Since being laid off from the “day job” almost 2 years ago-I try my best not to recognize pre-dawn times and how they look.

We stopped for breakfast at a very local diner in Lone Pine. Cute little town. We actually had about 4 restaurants there to choose from and decided on the one saying they specialized in exotic hamburgers.

I have no idea why we decided on there since we both had breakfast foods. My husband, Steve, had an omelet with hash browns and an English muffin while I stayed to a bowl of Irish steel cut oatmeal.

After that we stopped at Mono Lake and spent about an hour walking and taking pictures. I’d show you some beautiful shots, but I still haven’t figured out how in the world to add them to my blog page. For those of you who can’t remember-it took me over a year to get my favorite blogs on the side here and the help of a kind woman who I met to do it. So I’ve decided to keep to the mundane rather than give myself a headache.

We made a couple of filling and emptying stops (you can figure out what is meant by this I’m sure) and finally made it to the outskirts of Reno by 5 o’clock. Since we were hungry and tired we stopped at the Black Bear Diner on the main drag and had dinner before we went to our hotel. Good thing too, all they had was a Denny’s, a hot dog cart, a very empty looking dinner buffet that reviewers said to keep away from and a Peet’s Coffee House.

Our cousins surprised us with a very nice gift basket of munchies. The room was nice. Being is we had been on the road for 12 hours-we showered and went to sleep. Woke up the next morning to sun and a lot of wind!

After breakfast we had some time and decided it would feel good to use the gym and the whirlpool before getting dressed. Found out something interesting-they didn’t have one on site!

Nope, we were told to hop on the shuttle bus which would take us down to the KOA a mile away and we’d find the pool/gym there.

I stared hard at that woman. My reply? “Do you honestly think a middle-aged woman is going to voluntarily put on her swimsuit, hop on a bus and join a bunch of possible teenagers and kids at a campsite?”

Scrapped that idea and we got dressed and went to the wedding. It was beautiful. Then we had a ½ hour drive to the reception. Beautiful new resort in Sparks.

We had a splendid time talking with cousins, dancing and just having fun. I paid for the fun with some extremely sore hips all night, but it was well worth it!
Next morning we woke up to RAIN, FREEZING COLD TEMPS AND WIND! Not my favorite. We went downtown in our California shorts and tees and filled up on hot food and coffee. Thankfully I always keep gloves, a sweater and a blanket in the back seat. I used all three until we got to Bishop for breakfast Monday morning at 10:30.

Our cousins held an out-of-towner BBQ at their house in the afternoon, then we came back to the hotel, packed up and got to bed for our long drive home.
Decided to leave pre-dawn in the freezing temps Monday. By the time we got to Bishop it was a lovely 75. We bought bread on Schat’s Bakery. They don’t serve breakfast! So we drove to Jack’s Bakery and Café and had a nice morning meal and then Steve “put the pedal to the metal” and got us home in 10 hours.

Came home to finding out our flooring choice was re-called. Took my parents out for their 54th anniversary breakfast, chose new floors and here we are-back into the groove of daily existence.

Next week-who knows?

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