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Thursday, March 03, 2016


Hopefully a Shot in the Right Direction

I didn't enjoy February with the first round of this horrible "sickness".  And after only a slight reprieve of a week before the "thing" hit me again, twice as bad-I'm not enjoying the beginning of March either.

When it first hit me last Thursday, I was determined NOT to let it get out of hand and go further than just some weekend misery.  However, that was so NOT to be because by Friday morning I was not only sweating and freezing at the same time from my fever of 101 (this from a woman whose norm is a firm 97.3), I also had white pockets lining my throat, various colors of gross stuff coming out of my facial holes, my neck was killing me and the bags under my eyes were as dark as the chafed and blistered skin on my face.

I knew I needed to see a doctor, however I was in no condition to drive, Steve had to go to work (he was also trying to stay as far away from me as possible), Adam and Sarah were almost as sick as I was and dear Sam was just trying to keep herself from falling victim while taking care of the kids-so I was doomed to wait until Tuesday when Steve finally had a day off.

On Tuesday (now on day #5 of my fever), Steve drove me to urgent care (what not your GP you ask? Funny side bar in a bit) and stayed in the car to avoid being around an entire waiting room of sick people.

The nurse remembered me.  The doctor remembered me.  Both were not amused that I was back with a much worse re-lapse.  Yep, upped the ante I did.  I went from the flu strain B, bronchitis and a sinus infection to:  strep, bronchitis, sinus, gland infections along with the flu strain B.

Because of my RA-the course of action was to give me a shot of antibiotics right there and then (nurse said he only does that for his really sick patients) gave me a prescription for a double antibiotics and a stern warning to drink a lot of fluids, rest and if I didn't get better within 48 hours come back because his fear was that I'd slide into pneumonia.

Great.  Just great.

Thankfully by the next afternoon I finally hit my normal on the thermometer.  By Thursday I had significantly lessened my need to have a box of Kleenex attached to my body along with the needed "snot" bag taped to it.

As of this moment, I can't possibly say I'm doing great-but I'm pleased that I actually slept for a couple of hours and my fever is still gone.

Really, really hoping that I continue to improve at an even keel.  Breathing without a wheeze would be so nice.

Never, ever take good health for granted.  My goal is to be on stable ground with clear lungs, a pink throat, sinuses that don't feel as if they're coming off my skull and glands that are of normal size by the time we leave for our 35th anniversary cruise.

On the "funny" reason I didn't go to my GP on Tuesday-I tried 4 times to call the office.  Why 4?  Well each time they said to choose one of 4 extensions.  Every time I tried one it would answer that "You have reached an invalid extension please try again" and then it hung up! 

Frustrated, sick and tired-I decided that having Steve drive me down and just sit there in the lobby was my best bet at getting treatment.

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