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Thursday, July 14, 2011


I'm Bugged

What Bugs You About People?

Maybe it’s my yearly rant coming up about the summer heat and my husband’s insistence about only using the a/c during moments when we could die from non-use, but I’m feeling mighty cranky on the subject of people who just bug me.

These are some of the things I wish others would consider:

1-When out among the living and exercising-why do some people think it’s okay to go topless? I don’t want to say this is a “man” thing only, but I guess I have too.

Case of reference-when I was a girl a neighbor, who was also a cardiologist, had a great physique and he would run (jogging was not the usual choice in keeping fit in those days). Not just run, he’d run in short shorts, no shirt of any kind and swing barbells up and down in a bird-like fashion. We all referred to him as “the bird man”.

I can’t tell you how many accidents this man caused because drivers couldn’t believe what they were seeing and would lose sight of what their main focus was supposed to be.

I was reminded of this when I was driving to the market the other day and saw a similar vision.

With this said-PUT ON A SHIRT.

2-If you have a family member who never learned simple everyday rules about how to behave in public places or how to treat others-why do you put up with them?

Case in reference-if the person makes you cringe at the thought of spending more than 2 minutes with them because they snap fingers at the wait staff in a restaurant, demand to have the “floor” (whether in your home or in a public venue) and not consider anyone else as having a right to speak and/or use foul language stating that they think they’re so wonderful that everyone should just sit back and enjoy their garbage, instead of letting them act however they want, why not shift to giving them what they deserve?

After all, what really is the worst that could happen? They’d tell you they don’t want anything to do with you? Either way, it’s win-win. They will either apologize and find a good thorough course on good manners or you don’t have to deal with them anymore!

3-When in doubt my mantra is “just ask”.

Case in reference-Whether you are planning a menu, not sure about what guests have what allergies or hatred of certain foods, going to a party and haven’t been informed on what the dress code may be or time and place hasn’t been determined, don’t guess, ASK!

After all, even after you do ask, something derogative will be said, but at least you’ve covered the lists of “maybes” that could arise in your mind. No sense not being able to eat even a bite or show up in a totally inappropriate outfit because you didn’t want to ferret out some information.

5-People who don’t offer to lend a hand.

Case in reference-Now this is probably my own problem, BUT: When someone comes to your home for a party, a meal, coffee-I think it’s just good manners to at least ask if there’s anything you can do to assist. Okay-not just ask, MEAN that you want to help.

It’s okay if the person declines the offer. But even me, miss “power” will accept help after I’ve put together a meal. It really is the little things, like scraping your plate, bringing it to the sink, help put the food away, etc...

I’ll accept that kind gesture! What bugs the heck out of me is the person who has no intention of actually doing anything and as the host/hostess is tired and exhausted and would love to take the offer of some help-the person adds, “NOT” or something just as ridiculous along the lines of “I asked but I’m not doing a darned thing.”

And now, for my absolute biggest and most irritating “BUG”:


When someone is picking you up to take you any place or bring you back home-this is called DOING YOU A FAVOR. You should be extremely grateful that they are doing this for you, especially with the price per gallon on gasoline. Same idea if they’ve invited you to be a guest in their home or any other activity.

Don’t keep them waiting. Be uber-considerate by being wherever they’ve asked you to be as soon as possible. Don’t make them late because you think you’re too special for words. Make sure you show your appreciation in any appropriate way possible.

Not doing so is called “rude and crude”. As one person told a perpetually late and selfish individual, “This is it, you think of no one but yourself. This is the last time I’m inviting you to my home. You made me late to not one but several business appointments; you never clean up after yourself and treat me like a hired hand in my own home. My friends have told me they won’t visit me again until you are long gone. Go home and don’t come back.”

Now’s the time and place-what are your biggest pet peeves and why? How do you handle them?

And now, back to my regularly scheduled rant on the lack of a/c flowing through the poorly installed vents of my home.  

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