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Friday, September 18, 2009



Another season has just about passed and the weather is changing-at least that’s what I’m reading on various websites about how the weather has “gotten downright chilly”.

Here in Orange County, CA-we had a “chilly” day-why we just about froze this past week when the temps plunged to 75. I even wore the bottoms of one of my actual sets of winter pajamas under my husband’s tee shirt. I did have to take them off sometime during the night, but I DID put them on and even wore socks for a couple of hours.

Thank goodness, the weather improved and is back into almost the triple digits. I was almost hoping for a bit more cold weather. My mom knitted me a beautiful throw and I’m really looking forward to using it.

This whole summer has been a challenge in so many ways. On July 6th we started remodeling the upstairs bathrooms. The contractor swore (like I believed him) that the small bath would take 3 weeks, tops. I laughed. Here we are over 2-1/2 months later and the darn thing is still not done. Close, but not done.

As for the Master-I must say, they started off with a bang (literally, if you want to count the swinging hammers on the tile) and the bathroom started looking pretty darn nice until we went to Vegas.

Seems that must have stopped their train of thought process. Came back and no one knew what the next step was supposed to be. Ahhh. I think the only thing that really got done was my blood pressure going up from dealing with everyone telling me that they “were fighting for me because they knew they couldn’t work until so and so came and did their part”.

Out came the cell phones and the conversations amongst themselves. Of course, I was standing right there hearing it all. I suppose this was a good thing.
So far I have a beautiful amount of tile work done, a toilet and tub hanging out in my bedroom, a small bath that my husband has upholstered with butcher paper (this to stop the crew from damaging stuff when they eventually come in to finish it) and 4 people crammed into a 5x4 foot ¾ bathroom.

Then we’ve had our son and future daughter-in-law going through hoops to get their first place. They finally got the keys this past week. Like all the young people on “My First Place”-they are all smiles and giddiness and a bit of trepidation. Yes, they now are realizing that they will have to pay utility bills, cable bundle and trash bills, buy furniture, food and a whole lot of other stuff-it’s fun to watch their faces.

That’s not all; the summer season has seen us go through some health issues. Our daughter had some surgery, I had more physical therapy and both Steve and I are going through “parent” issues. My mom was in the hospital and is still having some issues. His mom is, well, his mom.

This week was another medical week for me. Oh the fun. It’s not enough to have rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative discs in my neck, sciatica and complex regional pain syndrome-nope; I now have severe bursitis, 3 bone cysts and osteoarthritis in my right hip. Nothing says fun quite like 3 cortisone shots (these followed the one in the same general area from last month) in your most tender spots.

Yes, autumn is here-but I think I’m in for a really long fall.

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