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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Zoning in and Zoning out

Zoning in & Zoning Out


This week has been a tad difficult.  Shortly after posting last week-the left side of my sciatica decided it just couldn’t let me have some relief and went out.  There I was sleeping and minding my own business when Lucky tried to get me up to let her out.


BAM!  Realized that it was going to be a painful ordeal and had Steve do it.

Somehow by the next morning I was feeling better and figured it was a fluke.


No, no such luck.   Tuesday we went with Adam to help him purchase some needed items for Jackson (our shower/birth gift) when all of a sudden while we were walking-I got hit with a VERY PAINFUL SPASM IN MY LEFT KNEE.


This is the knee that took a lot of the brunt of being hit in my car accident and after 7 months still is puffy and bruised (and numb, needles and jellylike when I walk).    However the stabbing pain was happening on the outside of the knee-not the inside of it.  From 2 p.m. on-I was screaming with every stab.


Steve gave me a muscle relaxant, an ice pack, Mobic and I think at one point both men were wishing I’d just pass out from the pain and be quiet-not sure.


Adam and the dogs went home after the dinner I somehow prepared and served; I went to bed and still kept screaming and getting stabbed-ALL NIGHT.

Woke up exhausted and still experiencing the spasms-just that now they were also including the areas below and above my knee.


Called the pain management doctor-who actually had his assistant call me back within a mere 2 hours!  I think I screamed out while speaking with her about 5 times.  Not bad for under 10 minutes.


After hearing me and reading my chart-she said to not just take one muscle relaxant but 3 a day and she scheduled me for an emergency appointment this coming Monday (I guess my idea of “emergency appointment” is in a different time frame than hers)morning.


In the meantime I was to stay “down”, no errands, no cooking, no laundry and to rest as much as possible-the last thing they wanted to happen was that on one of these fun spasms would just get stuck.  It was explained that this is a very real event with people who have spines that look like mine. 


Why is it my medical team feels the need to remind me of my rather “spongy and Swiss cheese vertebras”?


So here I am-making this brief blog through my zombie-like brain,  I’m going to go lay down and hopefully  forget for even a few minutes just how I feel.


Wonderful, just when I had a lot of laundry in the back room waiting for the “energy conservation” hours to be cleaned.

Whatever.  Zoning out now. zzzzzzz

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