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Friday, June 05, 2015


Getting Right Down to it, Maybe

Getting to it

If someone would have to describe me the one word that would probably NOT be used is PROCRASTINATOR.

At least it wasn’t.  A few months ago I admitted to have quite the case of both ennui and writer’s block.  While I did manage to more than amply write up stories that had a due date attached to them-I still have done nothing in the way of getting those profiles done.

That’s not true.  I did do something about them.  I went from having 3 to write up to having 5.

There must be something in the air.  Maybe I can blame pain management? Could be that even though the interviews have gone well and the people have been lovely, I’m tired to doing profiles?  I haven’t done a “real” feature on something “meaty” in a long while.  Could be just the ticket to get me moving in an upward direction again.

Today is the first day of Steve’s new summer schedule and he closes.  This means since there’s nothing on TV but re-runs and he won’t be home until after 9 tonight, this might be the day I chain myself right here to the computer table and at least get something of that pile accomplished.

Unless Lucky has to potty or the phone rings, then what’s a pet mommy supposed to do?  I can’t in all good conscience let my 5-1/2 pound baby go out in the yard by herself!

Adam suggested a laptop. 

I don’t like laptops.  The few times I’ve tried to work on Steve’s (I tried for 3 weeks back in CA when I had to work from a Residence Inn during the “great flood repair” in 2010) and it was a disaster.  Every time I’d really get into writing something the stupid keyboard would jump all over the place and I had no idea until I’d go back to re-read what I’d written and NOTHING made sense!


As I’m getting older I’m deciding it’s not really all that bad to become more laid back.  My motto has become:  It is what it is

What it appears “it” is in this case is a writer who doesn’t seem to care anymore about writing.

While in one way I want to cry about this lack of motivation-I’m also hoping that just like the idea of doing what I love went away by waking up one morning, it will return with a new found gusto the same way.

Whatever, it is what it is…

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