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Thursday, March 22, 2012


You Tube

You Tube

For me, the “You Tube” thing is rather odd. Okay, I have to admit, I’ve only actually watched about 5. Two were done by our son-in-law on our grandson Aidan-one before being born of our daughter’s stomach bouncing around while he was obviously in utero kicking away, the other about 14 months later of him doing the “hot dog” dance during a Mickey Mouse Club show.

The third was a video a great writer colleague did to advertise a book she had done-of which I took a part in, so a picture of me was in it. It was really fun!

The last two-one I cannot remember. The last was of the medical in nature. I’m probably going to have some hand surgery soon, so I was researching on Google when a “safe” link came up stating it was on the said site-so being curious I watched it.

It was pretty informing and it actually made me feel better. It didn’t gross me out a bit. Of course, I also watched (pre-You Tube) a video of what my cataract surgeries would look like, other people’s MRI shots of their bulging L4,5 and S1 degenerative discs (yes, I looked at ones that showed the corresponding neck discs as well)and even some fairly gnarly videos on caesarian sections.

On Face Book, lots of people put links to You Tube videos and I never go on there-but I’ve heard of others who are addicted to the site.

I guess I’m writing this because while I understand how watching some of the videos can be interesting to everyone if you know the person either in or creating it or if the subject is something you need to learn more about, I don’t understand how people find the other ones that “go viral”.

This could be the “technodweeb” in me coming out-but how does someone even find things such as the one of the girl who evidently couldn’t sing? What do you do? Go to Google and type in “video of girl who can’t sing, singing”?

And to those who put their videos on YouTube, if you’re one of those lucky ones whose “few frames” does go viral-do you make money off of it?

I’m sure if I thought about this, I’d start wondering about all those people who also have blogs that actually earn money from them. Questions would start floating around in my head such as, what is their subject that others find so interesting? How did people find them? Where did they get the idea for their musings? How did they get lucky enough become this popular?

One of the things that we all have heard is that “if you follow your passion, the money will come”.

If that’s true, how long are you supposed to wait? I write because I can’t imagine not doing so. I’m sure those submitting videos to You Tube do so because they too can’t imagine not creating little short and hopefully entertaining films.

When it comes to blogging and “You Tubing”-I guess I’m still searching for answers.

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