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Friday, September 21, 2018


I Think Autumn Has Arrived

I think Autumn has arrived.  It's always hard to tell around our rather remote desert area.

The last few mornings, when I'm awakened by lots of puppy kisses, I open the door and I'm not being hit with a blast of extreme heat.  Nope.  In fact, we actually broke the 70 mark-it was a delightful 69 degrees out at 6 a.m..  Plus, it's now a bit on the dark side instead of full sun.

So nice that I left the door open for some unfiltered air.  Of course by the time I'm through cleaning Pepper's two litter boxes, emptying the dishwasher and putting breakfast in the three fur babies bowls it's already climbed to about 78-but still, very pleasant!

Pleasant enough that my friend and I have decided to not get up at 5:30 a.m. to walk all the dogs.

Thank goodness for this little bit of heaven.  Lucky's become a bit of a pudge due to my NOT being able to actually move all that easily at that early hour.  Her trick knee is NOT helped by this extra pound and a half.  We know where she got it from-seems our Pepper lost that same exact amount of weight.

We are quite worried about our very skinny Pepper.  He definitely needs to weigh more than 5.3 pounds!  We've been trying a lot of different foods to entice him to eat.

The main problem is that he's well over 15 now and "things" are starting to happen.  We're well aware of the stage we're entering and it's cast a bit of a gray cloud over our heads.  We were there 7 years ago with our beloved Goldie mix Sunshine.  Still choke up at that loss despite how much we love/adore our baby girls.

At this very moment we're waiting for the vet to call us with results on blood work.  On the plus side, his heart is strong and she felt no masses in his body.  For that much we are so grateful.  But the flip side of that is that he doesn't eat even his most favorite foods, he throws up at least once a day and seems to be getting forgetful as to where the two litter boxes are located.

Yes, Autumn is here.  There are things, such as later walks with the girls, that I'm looking forward too-while at the same time wondering if decisions we don't want to make, will have to be made because that's just part of life.

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