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Friday, March 30, 2018


Despite It All...

The last month has been, well, not good.  And yet I'm about to challenge myself to having a good time.

Tuesday will be our 37th anniversary!  At some point we're going to go on our well-earned/deserved and needed cruise.  My biggest challenge will be the effort needed to get to the airport and fly across country.

Our only option for "free" airline tickets this year was one that leaves at the ungodly hour of 5:15.  At first I thought, "Okay, I can do this."  Of course Steve secured those tickets BEFORE I got Valley Fever.  I know you have no idea how long it takes me to get moving without gasping for air and screaming in pain but I can assure you:  IT IS TOO LONG!

Also, because the plane takes off at 5:15, the airline requested our presence no later than 4 a.m..  Then we had to think about the shuttle time.

Oh boy.  For the third year in a row, the most used shuttle service will only recognize our address if we hire them as a private limousine.  This despite the fact that the owner of the van we've used the last 3 years said he'd gladly pick us up at our home!  The parent company doesn't see it that way.  I guess the tripling in price makes it easier for them to hone in on that extra 1-1/4 miles?

Whatever.  So Steve has to drop the luggage and me off at the local Hampton Inn, drive home and walk back in the black night for our 2:35 a.m. pick up time.  Last year, good neighbor and friend Tracy said she woke up early anyway and would gladly drop us off.

Then comes the effort of trying to get from one area to another before I've had my morning "cocktail" of pills, food and coffee.  And, while I do go to bed around 10-I rarely get up at 1:30 to even visit the water closet.  I am NOT going to be a pretty sight.  No pictures will be taken of me.

Another fun fact, poor little Lucky tweaked her back last Friday and screamed in pain even with the painkillers/NSAID/muscle relaxant we keep on hand.  Thank goodness she's doing a lot better, but it doesn't give me a sense of well-being to leave my 6 year old fur baby at the pet resort with only her ever-faithful and caring 2 year old sister.

But we deserve this anniversary celebration.  We need this time alone.

Happy Passover/Easter to you all-may this new season Spring us all into a much better place.

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