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Monday, June 17, 2019


It's Official: I am a Fuddy-Duddy

I should start by saying that Steve entered a contest through Sirius Radio for ticket to the Jennifer Lopez "It's My Party" concert.  We were thrilled!  It was on Father's Day, so we were actually going out on an evening date to do something fun on somebody else's "dime".

We did have to fork out for parking-$10 and then walk about a quarter mile to the arena.

Sirius wouldn't tell us where the tickets were, just to go to Will Call.  Found out they were in a great area and were going for (hold on to your heart rates) $250 each!

Got through the crowds.  Way too many stairs for this mobility challenged woman who was wearing something other than doctor prescribed orthotic-laden walking shoes for the first time in 2 months.

The at 8 o'clock the show began.  This is when Steve and I realized that we were too old for this (pardon my French) crap.

First off on my list:  Why the hell do people go to a concert and stand up shrieking their fool heads off and stay on their phones????  Tix were worth $500.  Really?  I don't know why anyone would pay that for a show of any kind (ok, maybe the Beatles or the Stones) but why??? 

A bottle of water was $7.  Ridiculous.  

JLo didn't even come on the stage until hour #2.  The 3 dance acts from this past season of World of Dance were on 1st.  Didn't like the frenetic dancing of the Latin salsa dancers on TV and now we had to stand to see them.  The hip-hoppers were just ok.  Loved Briar Nolet, but she was treated as nothing more than a tossed in filler.  The DJ was out right horrible.  

The sound was so loud that Steve had to remove his hearing aids and he still said it was too loud.

The audience was varied in age-even people our age were behaving like idiots. A woman behind me, who was quite large kept hitting me with her ample booty and didn't seem to notice!  Not even with my mom glare. I would've said something, but there was no way she would've heard me!

Several women a couple of rows down were obviously in menopause and were fanning themselves while drinking beer, shaking themselves into everyone around them and screaming.

At 10:30-the DJ started up again and I suggested STRONGLY to Steve that now would be a good time to go home.  Then a homeless person started harassing us on our walk back to the car.

But wait, there's more! Since I was wearing sandals without my orthotics, my feet were killing me, my ears were buzzing and there was no way I could make water class the next morning.

We both agreed, thank goodness we didn't pay for this show or we'd be pretty angry.  Unless it's free, this was not really the good date we were thinking it was going to be.

I am truly OLD!

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