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Thursday, November 22, 2012


Moving: Not for the Weak of Heart

Moving is not for the weak of heart


This Thanksgiving I am grateful for a lot.  Just to name a few items:


I am once again living with my husband.

I am close to my kids.

My new home is no longer looking like a poster child on the dangers of buying paint off the “oops” stand at Home Depot.

And, of course, that we almost have the last few months behind us.

I know you’re all waiting for it, so here’s the flip side of all this:

Murphy’s Law is alive and feeling mighty frisky.   On the day escrow was supposed to close-our buyer found out that her credit score went down and the bank was threatening to yank the loan!!!  


Because Time Warner combined her account with someone who was delinquent for $11 and we are all suffering the effects.  Yes, we almost had to start over because of a mistake for $11!

In case you’re wondering, I did clean up the last paragraph from the words that I was originally saying.  The worst part-it happened on Friday, 4:30-before Veteran’s Day.  So the house didn’t close.  This woman wants our house, we want to have our house and the escrow people are giving all of us GRIEF.


I can understand it from the banks side-but really?  $11??  Whatever.  We left with our realtors all drawing up a sizeable rental contract to cover the first 10 days and beyond, if necessary.  Presumably after Time Warner realized their error they informed the credit bureau whom sent word to the bank.  Unfortunately, we are now at a standstill because of Thanksgiving.


No, the “fun” didn’t end there.  Steve flew out as planned and hit the ground running-packing, loading and trying to make all the relatives happy all at the same time.  Before I even got to my 55th birthday and leaving Orange County, we celebrated this event twice and then two more times after we arrived in New River.


Now comes the real fun happening.  When I saw the truck, my first blurted out thought was-“Honey, no way is all our furniture getting in that truck.”  Steve said he knew what he was doing and insisted it was all getting in there.


By 3 p.m.-he was now telling me that it was time we got rid of our bookcases, our desks, our bedroom furniture and last but not least-our Cal King bed!!!  He said he’d plead with the Salvation Army to include all of this since the pieces we were supposed to donate (a coffee table and matching end table, 3 leather barstools, a custom picture table and some smaller objects were all dispersed between some window salesmen-I swear- and the family member helping him)were no longer there.


The bed got thrown into the mix when the mattress caved from the weight and being hung with two few people holding onto the “mammoth with no bone structure”.


I was so mad I swear steam was coming out of my ears.  What were we supposed to sleep on?


Steve said we had our nephew’s old double mattress at our son and daughter-in-law’s home and we would borrow it until we got a new bed.


Seriously.  The man thought we’d be okay going from a Cal King with bells and whistles to a teenager’s old double bed.

Let me assure you-WE CAN’T.


I’m posting this on Black Friday.  My goal is to get coffee and some bathroom cabinet organizers at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Home Depot for new fan remotes and then to our son who manages La-Z-Boy’s new concept store that sells bedroom furniture and mattresses.


As with everything-Murphy’s Law hits here as well.   There are no mattresses in stock or furniture either.


There’s more to tell, but right now I have to get started.   We all know how much I love to shop.

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