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Friday, July 24, 2009



My little talks in the mirror aren’t working.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we’ve begun bathroom remodeling. Truly, I didn’t believe the contractor when he promised the first of two would be done by now, so that’s not what is upsetting me. What is?

Let me count the things that really put me in a really “pissy” mood:

1-when you make my household put our lives on hold waiting for you. If you say someone is going to show up between 8-9 and something happens: CALL ME. I won’t be the least bit peeved until I find out that I (or my son, daughter-in-law, husband) have been sitting around waiting hour after hour and only find out no one is coming BECAUSE I CALLED YOU.

It’s simple, just say something along the lines of “Hello, Mrs. N., it turns out that we won’t be there at “hour, day, etc”-we will be there at “hour, day, etc” instead. I just wanted to let you know.” I’m very understanding if I’m kept in the loop.

If I’m taken advantage of though I am no longer understanding-I become terse, angry and I don’t trust you. It’s been pointed out to many that if you lose my trust-MOVE OUT OF STATE.

2-if you’ve made a mistake, admit it and let’s work on fixing it. Do not tell me I did so order green frosted tiles for the decorative inserts when I know I didn’t. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I absolutely dislike the color green and wouldn’t even have gone down the “green” aisle, let alone ordered anything from it. Plus-you’d better make me some sort of a really great compromise/deal on this one as it appears I’m going to have to look as those ugly green things for the rest of my LIFE.

3-It’s hot, I have work to do and your crew is doing most of the work right outside my office. Plus we have indoor cats. So informing me that no precautions will be taken to close a door or to keep the “boom box” level of entertainment down is SO GOING TO MAD ME MAD.

4-If you need to “borrow” something of mine, please just ask-I’m very accommodating and I want to make your job as easy as possible (hence the dozen bottles of water chilling in my fridge so you will have enough fluids during the course of your day). So please don’t take sheets out of my linen closets to cover the new tub without asking and then not even give them back to me to decide if they are now trash or just need washing. I consider this a real invasion of my privacy and don’t appreciate it.

And last-remember we all have to get along with each other for the duration of this monumental project, so let’s all try to respect each other and get along.

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