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Friday, February 02, 2018


Rolling Into February

Wow! We're in the second month of 2018!  Don't know if you believe it, but it's hard for me to think that Valentine's Day is literally around the proverbial corner.

This next week is special-Aidan is turning 10!  Yesterday, Sam signed Jackson up for kindergarten.  In a couple of months, Steve and I will be off celebrating anniversary #37.  Seems as if we were just getting started and figuring out this thing called "marriage".

Yet here we are, empty-nesters with 4 grand kids and muddling along at the beginnings of our "golden years".

There are days when I definitely feel as if I'm more than a senior citizen.  Others, not so much.  Things have changed throughout the years, especially this last one.  I don't see me ever dancing the night away again.  Last effort was at Steve's company party and I realized my feet were made of not just clay but cement.

Today, we went and did a bit of a Costco run.  We no longer need to store up on foods to feed teenagers and day care kids though.  Our bill today?  Filled with the joys of being old:  generic miralax, q-tips, high fiber bread (which went immediately into the freezer), eye drops (my dry eyes) and the much needed "anniversary" gift to ourselves-a food saver machine and a box of bags.

Almost embarrassing, no?

It's okay.  At least we're here to moan about all of these pesky things.

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