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Friday, January 27, 2012


5 Years in a Blink

Five Years in a Blink

On the 25th, as hard as it is to believe, our older grandson Dylan turned 5. I’m not sure how it happened so quickly, but it did. In a few more days, our younger grandson Aidan will turn 4. Not quite sure how either boy got this far in life in such a “blink” amount of seconds.

I still remember our daughter going in and having to be induced due to her high blood pressure. The room was dark to keep her as calm as possible. Steve, my parents, my sister, Alex’s mother and even a friend of Sarah’s were all in a very small waiting room trying to keep ourselves busy and our nerve levels down.

Dylan was born at 4 pounds, 14 ounces-and because of his jaundice and size he went right into an incubator and under heat lamps. Sarah had lost a lot of blood, was exhausted from both labor and the various drugs and they were monitoring her in a different part of labor/delivery.

We all took turns to go peek at our little dividend. Adam, the new uncle, was upset because he was both working and in the midst of mid-terms and couldn’t see either one until after they got home.

What a world of difference has happened in these years. Both young parents were out of jobs living from one unemployment check to another and praying for someone, anyone to ask them in for an interview.

In these five years, our son-in-law found a couple of jobs, only to be down-sized out of them within a few months after being hired. Sarah found herself expecting Aidan before she knew it could happen so fast.

2-1/2 years ago, they took a completely brave leap of faith and left the state to take temp jobs in their field. Luckily both are excellent at what they do and have re-bounded.

Today, they own a home and enjoy being what is called “transplants” in Arizona. We find ourselves missing them terribly and just thrilled that things have turned out so well for them.

We’ve found ourselves going out as much as our wallets and time afford which while not enough has to do for the time being.

Thank goodness for cell phones, computers and Skype. We talk, see them in person and stay in close proximity-if only by cyber-space.

In about 2 weeks, we’ll take the trek out to them and help celebrate their birthdays. It will be way too brief, but action packed. Then we’ll have to “squeeze the stuffing” out of the boys, our daughter and son-in-law, because it will have to hold us until we host them in April for a week.

I understand that we’ve been more fortunate than many other grandparents-some live across the country, not just 350 miles and a state over. But we’re a close clan and absence makes the heart tug.

But for now, Happy Birthday Dylan Brian-may this start of your 6th year brings you more joy and happiness.

Love you and Aidan buckets. Aidan-more on your birthday next week!

Love, Grandma Carine

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