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Friday, July 25, 2008


Busy Work


I enjoy having something useful to do when I’m at the day job. Especially on days where the owner chooses to visit with us.

There is probably nothing as tiring as trying to look efficient and busy as when there is absolutely nothing to do.

Now if the owner isn’t “in the building” I’m able to check my personal e-mails by remote, go to MSN and see what has been happening in the outside world, write rough drafts on articles (or as I’m doing now, this week’s blog) or Google some needed information for those said articles. There’s also reading books in need of reviewing and (one of my favorites on a nice day) getting out for a 20-30 minute trash,, mail and phone call walk.

Yes, when not solving the plumbing problems of the OC’s elite-I do try to make the most use of my time.

However, when the boss is “in the house”, I need to be busy with more than answering phones, creating client spec books, forming RGA packets (return goods authorizations for defective and/or people who change their minds and make returns), entering product codes, writing purchase orders and a very grand host of other jobs. Some of which include charging large amounts of money to credit cards and posting it on the bills of sale.

Oh yes, the glamour at the day job just NEVER ends-EXCEPT when the boss is there. Somehow whenever he arrives, my full plate always seems to have just been scraped clean and sterilized.

Then I have to work hard to find things to do.

It’s horrible. It must be karma. I may not have the time to go to the bathroom for over 4 hours, have the phone pressed to my ear and I’m on the computer and the fax machine all at the same time UNTIL that man walks in the door!

Then suddenly-NOTHING!

I hate it. I’ve even tried keeping something “on the side” for just these occasions.

But I hate piles of undone work (even busy work), so I pretend a lot. I go over purchase order’s I’ve checked at least 4 or 5 times. Read my sent and deleted e-mails (the work ones of course), stare at my blotter-acting as if I’m looking intently for something in particular.

Funny thing-as soon as he bids his farewell and leaves, the whole darn problem seems to disappear! The phones begin to come off the hook, customers are telling me all about their latest problem with something they’ve purchased. I have problems galore to solve again.

Where were these people while I was dying to have something to do to keep me busy?

Either way, thank goodness when my plate is full once again. I really do enjoy having something useful to do at the day job.

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