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Friday, April 26, 2013


UNCLE already



Yes, I’m saying it on behalf of our family:  UNCLE.


Let me explain.  I’m not writing this in any order of how serious it is-so forgive the jumping around on this blog.


A few weeks ago our son’s neck became stiff and quite painful.  He figured it was just that-a stiff neck.  He did the usual:  NSAIDs, muscle relaxers and some heat applications.  It wasn’t getting better.  He proceeded to the Urgent Care who confirms there was nothing wrong with his bones, so it must be muscular.


After a week, he had wearied of waiting for it to get better and decided to try a chiropractor.  That made things much worse!  We took him to an emergency MRI-the result?  Seems he’s more of his mother’s son than we had imagined-he has a bulging disc!  He’ll be paying a visit to my pain management doctor next week.  No word on how a healthy 29 year-old gets a bulging disc.


In the same week-that very same doctor was appalled by my GP not having actually examined the knee I injured and keep complaining about from the accident.  He ordered an MRI-which we are waiting for the results on.  Good news on last week’s lower back epidural!  It has helped that part of my war torn body!


Then our older nephew, Lucas found out that he has “mediastinal mass spanning his cardio thoracic”.  He turned 27 in March.  The layperson’s term on this mouthful:  Cancer around the heart. It happened so fast, I don’t think he, his parents or the rest of the family have had time to digest the diagnosis.


Sigh.  He’s already had round 1 of chemo.  For the moment, we haven’t got more than that, but having never asked any of you out there before for any favors-I’m asking now:  PLEASE, SAY A PRAYER OR TWO, SEND OUT POSITIVE THOUGHTS AND IF YOU HAVE ANY, and ADD HIM TO YOUR PRAYER CHAINS.


I thank you in advance.


My mom lost the sight in her right eye.  Our son turned 29. Our pup is just about recovered from being spayed and I have several articles on my plate to finish in the next week.


One last thing-our younger nephew, thank God, will live to see his 21st birthday on the 13th.  Yes, Jonathon had to follow in his aunt’s footsteps and get practically hit head on by a drunk driver.  He’s sore, bruised and has a concussion (same thing for me).  The difference?  He was hit by an SUV-mine was a Silverado.  His guy was taken away in handcuffs, mine got a citation.


Now the fact that I’ve asked for prayers for Lucas has no bearing on this next request:  Hello God, please-we’ve really had enough since Thanksgiving of 2012-will you give us a pass on all this “fun” stuff for the rest of this year?

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