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Saturday, December 23, 2006


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone!

This week I had two other ideas in mind for this column-however I realized a few things:

I will only have this and one other column left to publish for the year of 2006.

Many of you requested an update on my next “reunion” with my college friend when next we got together.

And last, how much I have enjoyed sharing the ups and downs of my existence with everyone who reads my articles.

For those of you who “pm” me on various magazine boards, send me e-mails, leave me messages here and even those who just come by -Thank you, thank you and thank you again! I appreciate the vote of confidence so much. It’s because of you that I have submitted many articles to other websites, both paid and not, as well as to ink publications as well. You’ve made me see that while I may never be able to stop doing the “day job”, that my writing interests many people at many different levels!

And now for the update on getting together with my former college mate: We got together for dinner before my husband and I went to see “Edward Scissorhands”.

Before I go on, if this show comes to wherever you live-go see it! I have always been a Matthew Bourne fan (the dancer in me), but this is a wonderfully different show that even men who do not like the world of ballet will enjoy. That’s the end of my commercial message.

One frequent visitor had asked me to tell a little bit more about are reaction upon seeing each other for the first time in almost 26 years and how we felt. Both times I can say it was a meeting that felt as if time really hadn’t passed! Okay, we all had a few more wrinkles and some graying hair, but surprisingly enough-we don’t look any different! We are practically the same weight, our bubbly personalities and love of the theatre/dance are still evident in are passionate conversations. We hugged, laughed and chatted away for as long as we could. We shared our happy times, our losses and know that we will definitely not lose track of one another again! Come February when our next “dinner” rolls around, it is both our hope that our other girlfriends will be able to join us! My hope is that my darling other half doesn’t mind the 2 hours he will spend with not just 2 but four of us!

And now, since next week will be practically 2007, may I wish you all the most merry, hopeful and healthiest of holidays! Oh and please spread the word about this website!
Love, Carine

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