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Friday, August 19, 2016


I'm Thinking of Retiring

This past week has been tough.  Sunday our grandpup Lily came to stay for the week while Adam, Sam and the kids went on vacay.  We also went up to their home twice a day to feed and care for their two cats.

Wednesday and Thursday we had the boys after school.

But this is the norm, nothing out of the ordinary or difficult-the part that makes me want to quit things like cooking meals is that it was also the week I started my 3 weekly "torture" on gel shots to my worst knee.

The shot was quite painful on Wednesday morning, but what did me in was the ortho "pushing" the gel around the area afterwards!  I swear to you all I literally saw stars, got nauseous enough to puke and then proceeded to practically pass out in a cold sweat.  It took about 20 minutes to feel better.
The ortho said to use RICE for the following 48 hours and cancel my walk and water aerobics for the rest of the week.

Ever try to take care of 6 animals, 2 kids and just regular stuff in this condition???

Thankfully Steve had all of Wednesday off and I only had to drive to school Thursday while he was at work.

Dylan, 9-1/2, looked at my bandage and my even more swollen joint and asked, "Grandma, did you get a shot in your kneecap?"

When I confirmed it-he turned a few shades paler and behaved both days he was with me. "Boy, that had to have hurted, a lot."

Now I have the next two repeat "performances" to go through.  Let me tell you-this had so better work on improving my knee pain and mobility!  Because the thought of having spent about $700 on the 3 appointments and the eye-crossing and clothes changing (yes, I really did sweat that much) and it be for naught is too much to consider!

Steve got take out for dinner the first night and grilled it the second, Friday everything went into the oven.  Tonight, well, I've got another night of "easy, peasy" dishes to serve.

Since we're committed to do this the rest of the month and have been told that I probably won't know the actual results/improvement amount for 6-8 weeks-I'm thinking that my time of standing and preparing anything more than the simplest of fare has come to an end.

And given the circumstances-I'm okay with this decision.

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