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Friday, March 08, 2019


You've Got to be Kidding!

Here's a bit of a surprise-there's more than one reason my right foot is killing me!

This past week had me doing the usual (i.e.-PT, doctors appointments and exercise classes, walking the dogs and taking care of the grandkids).  PT taped up my foot (again) and because he's a good PT, he also taped up my knee and said, "yes, when you get to the ortho for your foot tomorrow, make another appointment with the knee ortho".

Is it an Arizona thing to need a special orthopedic for every part of your body?  Whatever, I'm already digressing.

Next morning arrived and Steve and I did the romantic thing and made appointments with the knee ortho for the same time/day after we return from our cruise in mid-April.

Then I had the typical x-rays of my offending and painful right foot done.  Following that, the ortho came in to discus the MRI and the x-ray.  Well, the first set of x-rays he took way back in October last year didn't show much outside of the RA, OA, bursitis and spurs.  We all figured that could certainly cause all the pain in my limb.

But wait!  There's more!  Seems that I've been walking around on a broken foot.  Not the same bones that preceded the birth of our first grandchild over 12 years ago, but a break just the same.

Good news-now the break is showing up on a regular x-ray, which means that it's beginning to heal.


The ortho decided to put a steel orthotic into my shoe.  It was that or wear the boot.  I prefer the steel plate.  At least I can wear both shoes and it fits into anything with a removable sole.

Also good news?   He said I can still continue with TRX, walking and begin water aerobics-if I promise to STOP as soon as the constant burning becomes pain.

You can't see it, but I'm still rolling my eyes.  I don't think I've actually had a day free of pain in over 20 years.  So, I just keep on moving forward, stiff foot and all.

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