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Thursday, January 19, 2017


Rain, Rain

I've never made any "bones" about my less than positive love for bad weather.  Rain, wind, low temps make me achy.  So the last few weeks of gray skies, wet grounds and windy/cold air have left me rather grumpy.

I moved from sunny California to even sunnier Arizona to have more sun and way less cold.  Both states seem to have way less rain than the rest of the USA-but when we get it, we really GET IT!

Today is about the 6th day of wet weather in the last two weeks.  Sunshine hates the weather-it frightens her and she is the poster pup for not wanting to do her business outside when it is anything but picture perfect outside.

My neighbor and I have actually cancelled 3 walks due to the rather moist weather.  Adam persevered on a walk this morning with his pups.  BRRRR!  When I left to take the grands to a doctors appointment at 9:15 it was a mere 47 and very heavy sprinkles.  Plus, I had to cancel the exterminator's visit because, really, what would be the point?

Call me a bad grandma, but once the doctor's appointment was over I took the boys home for the rest of the morning and afternoon.  After all, I'd be the one having to go back out in that cold and rain to pick them up a mere 2 hours after dropping them off!  My best reasoning:  Save the 10 miles of driving, the wait of 25 minutes in the car and the fun of having wet kids in the said car.  I'd much rather bring them home, watch over homework and make a cup of hot chocolate for them.

I didn't actually here much of a complaint either.  Both boys would have missed their lunch time, no recess because of rain and the remainder of the day would've been in music class.

Now I'm a big fan of  choir, art and exercise but I'm NOT a fan of driving in bad weather and wasting gas.  And did I mention I ache EVERYWHERE????

Even my "less affected" joints are burning at the moment.

Tomorrow will be a whole new day-presumeably with the same temperatures and wetness in the air.  My neighbor and I are hoping to get the dogs (and ourselves) out for a good walk, crossing our fingers on this point. 

One major positive:  I have one last birthday massage which I'm going to use tomorrow afternoon.  Plus I received a coupon for an addition of extra hand and foot care at the same time. 

I'm going to enjoy the heated table, the warm massage oils and the kneading.  If nothing else, I will enjoy the diversion from the gray day.

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