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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Appetizer Results have Begun!

Okay-over on the flip side, over 65 people read the column, but only 2 people had ideas for what food items we should include in our first course group recipe!

The items are: Squash, apples and grapes.

Please take a look, leave me a note here or on the column itself, if you are a fabulously40 member and put in your ideas of what spices, herbs, type of squash, etc... we should use!  

Rob Merritt-News Anchor since 1969

Rob Merritt, a fellow CSU, Fullertn grad has been one lucky journalist! He started as an intern at Channel 6-a closed circuit cable station back in 1969 and he's been there ever since. Read all about him on Page 3:

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