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Friday, December 04, 2009


no byline, no info, but it's mine

Took on a new paying client. Here is article #2, they seemed to have forgotten, we writers like to get our due...

Page 3, 60 really is the new 40  


I don’t know why, but I have a headache. If things were what would be imagined, you’d think I’d be free of lots of things this week.

My home is quiet. The cat is feeling pretty much back to being himself. The safety gates are now in the garage and I’ve just about caught up with scheduling interviews, garnering artwork for articles, posting columns and have done a lot of writing.

The weather has been good, so I’ve been out taking my power walks.

Sounds as if all is good-except that I have had this headache for several days now and I’m tired of it. Thankfully it’s not a migraine, but still headaches, well, they make your head hurt. Next to head colds (which also make your head ache) I really dislike headaches the most.
When I get one, my eyes become puffy slits; my neck is in a constant state of fatigue, I’m queasy and quite grouchy. Small wonder-ever try being happy when you feel like I just described?

I’m not sure why I have this discomfort-only that I’m not happy about having it. I tried Tylenol. Why is this stuff produced anyway? It never works for me-doesn’t even take the edge off of whatever I have taken for. I already take an anti-inflammatory, so obviously that didn’t help.

Being a coffee person, I have a quart in the morning-you’d think that would help kill a headache, wouldn’t you? I didn’t skip a morning or two, so I know this isn’t a case of withdrawal.

The icepack didn’t help, the heat pack didn’t help. My new whirlpool didn’t help. And I’m not telling you about some other mythical cures I tried that also didn’t help.

I’m beginning to think that I’m suffering from “grandkiditis”. My diagnosis is mainly due to my assumption that the headache started the day before the little ones left for “life with mom and dad”.

For those of you who have never heard of grandkiditis, it’s a known disease amongst those of us who have cared full time for our children’s’ children for a rather long period of time and then have had to relinquish our tethers back to their parents.

Okay, I made that up-but it’s very real nonetheless. In fact I think I’ll write a script for House on the subject.

Opening scene: Middle-aged hottie (hey, it’s my script) waves good-bye to her grandkids and promptly grabs her head, moaning in pain. House laughs and snorts, but comes up with the rare and very hard to diagnose disease to which the only cure is to bring the grandkids back to her every weekend for several months and slowly move to using the webcam nightly with visits as much as humanly possible.

What do you think? Remember to be kind, I’m suffering from an incurable disease.

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